Naming your Necromunda Gang

Having trouble deciding on a name for your Necromunda gang? Need inspiration to help come up with a moniker that will strike fear into the hearts of your foes and ensure you rise to the top of the underhive food chain? John Ashton from the Heresy & Heroes website is here to help…

John: Greetings all! I’m John Ashton from Heresy & Heroes, and I’m here to talk to you about generating your gang name for Necromunda. I was descending into the underhive all those years ago with my Van Saar gang, and the new edition of this awesome game has revived my love for everything from the sump to the spires.

One of the things that makes Necromunda such a great game is the fact that it really allows you to get to know your gang. There are lots of other things that make it a great game, too – the true “grimdark” nature of the setting, the cool unique weapons, the opportunities for miniature conversions, and more, but for me, at the top of the tree is the ability to really see your gang’s personality come alive.

In a large-scale game like Warhammer 40,000, where there are so many miniatures on the table, it’s hard to have a sense of every miniature’s individuality and idiosyncrasies. Occasionally the plucky Grot that took the last wound off a Chapter Master might earn a battlefield promotion of some sort (a new base, an updated paint job, even a name), but few rank and file miniatures can ever hope to be called anything better than “the third Fire Warrior from the left”.

However, in Necromunda, from your fearless Leader to your most inexperienced Juve, you get to know your gang. They will have been with you through thick and thin, and their adventures well cemented in your mind.  But really, to earn a true personality, your gang needs a cool name.

Everyone has a different way of coming up with these names of course. I know someone who has named his Goliath Gang after his favourite football team, while others use clever plays on words based on punk bands or famous groups in history. However you come up with your gang name, it’s a crucial part of forging the narrative of your underhive outfit. It’s much more satisfying to say things like “The Grime Warriors are kings in this territory!” than it is to say “fancy a game against my Goliaths?”

And I want to help you do this. I really enjoy coming up with name generators, and Necromunda is giving me a lot of opportunities to flex my stim-boosted muscles in this department. Here’s how to do it! Take the first letter of your first name, and the first letter of your surname and apply to the charts below – there’s one each for House Goliath and House Escher.

Using the above charts, if your name was Duncan Rhodes (for example – hi Duncan!), and you were collecting an Escher Gang, you could call them the Dancing Riot – a name that conjures up an image of graceful yet violent warriors, which is perfect for the ladies of House Escher. Alternatively, if your name was Sarah Kaiser (hi Sarah!), and you were working on some Goliaths, you could call them the Steel Killers – a great combination that marries the House’s dedication to metalwork and their predisposition to getting rid of their enemies in the most final of ways.

I hope that this chart will be useful to you and that you have fun with them. Of course, the most important thing is that your gang reflects you, your style of play and your style of painting, but if these can help you get there, then I’ll be a very happy underhiver. Onwards, to Hive Primus!

We used John’s chart to see what the Warhammer Community Team would call their gangs:

Escher Gangs

Sarah: The Stiletto Wardens
Nick: The Neon Belles
Jon: The Jealous Hellions
Eddie: Electric Eclipse
Peachy: The Caustic Princesses

Goliath Gangs

Rhu: The Rust Juggernauts
Maddy: The Murderous Terrors
Andy: The Armoured Skulls
Naomi: The Nightmare Drillers
Ceri: The Chain Ragers

These are great! Thanks, John! Let us know what your gang’s name is on the Necromunda Facebook page, and if you’ve yet to set foot in the underhive, you can pick up your copy of Necromunda today.

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