Necromunda: On. Sale. Now.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have found the last two weeks dragging by as you waited for Necromunda to hit store shelves. Well, it’s finally here, and it’s worth the wait.

This brand new boxed game, an updated edition of the venerable (and much-loved) classic, is absolutely rammed with hobby delight, including 20 multipart Citadel miniatures making up two gangs – the cunning Escher and brutal Goliath – plus plastic barricades and objectives to go on the multi-part board tiles. Add in mountains of cards, tokens and dice and – of course – the rules for the game, and it’s a veritable feast for the senses. Even the box itself is useful, as the inner tray is used as scenery for the game’s tutorial mission!

If you want to expand your games, the plastic gangs are also available separately, along with custom card decks and dice, and you can also pick up the Gang War expansion, allowing you to take your games up-hive into the manufactory domes and battle across Sector Mechanicus scenery.

You can also pick up more barricades and objectives to fight over, and there are even new bases.

All of this is in stores now. Don’t forget to check out the Necromunda website for your legacy gang rules and to pick up an eBook from Black Library to find out more about the world of Necromunda.

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