New Art from the Black Library Weekender

The Black Library Weekender has been and gone, and what an event it was! Authors and readers alike spent two days sharing their passion for Warhammer fiction, with seminars, signings and much more besides. And of course, secrets were revealed of things to come in 2018. We’ll have more about that for you soon, but we just couldn’t wait to show off some of the amazing new artwork and titles that were revealed at the event. So, let’s get started with some new pieces of cover art, complete with titles to go with them:

In addition to these awesome teases, we have some covers for forthcoming titles. Some aren’t quite final yet, but we couldn’t resist showing them to you anyway:

Phew! What a feast for the eyes, eh? However, the intrigue doesn’t end there. In their closing seminar at the Weekender, Black Library Managing Editor Nick Kyme and Audio Producer Matt Renshaw also revealed a bunch of titles for other forthcoming releases. Some of them are cryptic, some are exciting, and at least one heralds the return of an old friend. And just for you, here they are:

– Blackshields: Red Fief
– Hunger
– Soulbound
– Taker of Heads
– Blacktalon
– Vulkan: Lord of Drakes
– Incarnation: The Horusian Wars
– Callis & Toll: Silvershard
– Mephiston: Revenant Crusade
– Ciaphas Cain: Choose Your Enemies

Excited? We certainly are. Let us know what you think of these new visual delights and title teases on the Black Library Facebook page, and keep an eye out for information on all of these amazing new books and audio dramas as soon as we have it.

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