New Boxes. New Rules. New Codexes!

That’s right – the title says it all! There’s loads of cool new stuff on the way for Warhammer 40,000, and we can’t keep it to ourselves anymore. Here’s the low-down on what you can look forward to over the coming months.

Now that we’ve all had a bit of time to get our heads around the new core rules, the next big shake-ups will come with this edition’s codexes. There are some big – and we mean full-on seismic – changes on their way. The upcoming range of codexes will offer so much more than an update of the datasheets and Battle-forged rules – there’ll be loads of brand-new content to look forward to, such as expansive Crusade rules that are unique to that faction. The Warhammer 40,000 rules team have also taken the opportunity to review every single unit and weapon profile for each army, and where they felt it was needed, dialled them up to 11. We’re not even joking!

The first two codexes, as we know already, are for the Necrons and Space Marines. As you can imagine, they’ll give us a real taste of what’s to come for all future codexes in terms of new content, as well as the sort of datasheet and wargear updates you can expect. You might even have started to see some of the new rules pop up in our new-look repacked boxes for units from these armies…

The Space Marine update is an especially significant one, as many of the classic, reliable weapons of the Imperium (including many fan favorites) are set to get an update to make them as cool and as grievously powerful as we all imagine them to be! Let’s take a look at those new weapons, STAT!

Super-size Your Heavy Bolter – Now With Added Explosive Death!

These upscaled bolt weapons are set to become Damage 2, as befits the unmitigated brutality of being hit by a hail of armour-piercing, mass-reactive shells the size of tin cans!

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of how awesome my gun is!”
– Brother Ionis, Iron Hands Devastator Marine

Get Your Flame On!

Flamers and heavy flamers are moving to Range 12″, all the better to dissuade enemy assaults and hose your enemies down with liquid fire. We hope you brought marshmallows*!

“I’ve not had this much fun since Space Hulk!”
– Brother Aphrael, Blood Angels Terminator

Have Melta, Will Travel

Melta weapons are about to get even more destructive at close range (apparently, such a thing IS possible!), with a flat +2 Damage bonus replacing its current ability, resulting in a whopping Damage potential of 8! What’s more, the rules team have put the ‘multi’ into multi-melta, as it’s doubling up to Heavy 2! Heretics beware…**

“Drive me closer! I want to shoot at them from within short range with these multi-meltas.”
– Tank Ace Nills “Point Blank” Argento


Time to Slice and Dice!

Power swords are due to get a +1 Strength modifier, all the better for chopping up tougher foes with their energy-wreathed blades. That’s not all, either – the massive Astartes-grade chainswords wielded by Space Marines both new and old will be hitting at AP -1. Apparently, being struck by a 4-foot chainblade with adamantium-tipped teeth 6″ wide is not only exceptionally bad for your health, but it can do your armour a disservice too. Who’d have thought?

“What? We’re surrounded?! Russ’ bones, this is fun. Now we get to charge in EVERY direction!”
– attributed to Blood Claw Olaf the Incorrigible

Use With Caution

Supercharged plasma weaponry will soon only ever overheat on an unmodified roll of a 1, so attempting to shoot fleet-winged Aircraft no longer carries a death sentence.

“Only a one-in-six chance of suffering a terminal case of death? I like those odds!”
– Brother Vorn, Dark Angels Hellblaster


Believe it or not, these are just a handful of examples – prepare to have your mind blown!

Bigger Guns and Stabbier Blades for Everyone!

Now, we know that LOTS of armies use these weapons, whether supplied by the Tech-Adepts of Mars or perhaps even “acquired” through less Imperium-friendly means to turn on their former masters. In any case, when Codex: Space Marines arrives in October, every other unit that utilises the same wargear – regardless of Faction – will get their weapon profiles upgraded accordingly.

With heavy flamers, heavy bolters and multi-meltas all set to get even deadlier, clearly some Retributors have been praying hard to the God-Emperor – and He has delivered!


Alien Weaponry

‘But what about my lovely xenos army?’ we hear you cry. Don’t worry – your weaponry will get the same treatment! While most of their wargear may not be as ubiquitous as the Imperium’s mass-produced arsenal, their weapons will also be looked at too, when each of their codexes comes around.

Take the Deathmarks with their synaptic disintegrator, for example. The upcoming statline represents the deadly, physics-bending sniper rifle you would expect it to be.

Deathmarks have surprisingly good aim for warriors with no depth perception…


Meanwhile, the rod of covenant wielded by the Triarch Praetorians will soon double in Damage output.

Triarch Praetorians, clearly motivated by the Silent King’s return, are about to get EXTRA DEADLY! – with a boost to both their Damage and Attacks.


Power Up!

What’s more, both of these units get a suitably chunky statline boost to match their powerful new weaponry too!

Oh, speaking of stat boosts, Space Marines will get some of those in their codex too. In fact…


“An extra Wound! I’m finally as “ultra” as I always knew I should be.”
– Brother Crassius, Ultramarines Tactical Marine

That’s right – it won’t just be Primaris Marines on 2 Wounds anymore! All of a sudden, a lot of units that may have felt a bit left behind become very durable and appealing. From Battle Company units such as Assault, Devastator and Tactical Marines, to the elite Terminators of the 1st Company (who will be increased to 3 Wounds accordingly), the first born will be back to prove to their Primaris battle-brothers their great worth.

And as for future codexes for other genetically engineered transhuman warriors (both of the shiny grey and spikey variety), the same will apply to them. Just think how durable that will make units like Rubric Marines or Plague Marines.

“I’m going to be disgustingly resilient.”
– Plague Marine Bilius Rott, Death Guard

Of course, all these updates will also come with a suitable points adjustment. The aforementioned Tactical Marine will clock in at 18pts for his extra Wound (20% more than he is today). And it means Space Marine forces will be compact, elite, durable and utterly deadly – just as they should be.

The Future is Bright***

These new rules and points will come into effect officially, as new codexes are released. The first two codexes will be with us in October (along with loads of new miniatures) and we’ll be taking a closer look at them and what to expect from next month. As always, we’ll keep you up to date on the changes here on A great way to ensure you’re always using the latest up-to-date rules is to check the stats in the Warhammer 40,000 app – if you haven’t already, download it today!

Even though these upgraded rules won’t come into play just yet, if you’ve been thinking about adding that unit of (Chaos) Terminators, heavy-weapon toting (Chaos) Space Marines, or immortal Triarch Praetorians you’ve always wanted to your force, now’s the time!

* Heretics will also suffice.
** Unless you’re a Helbrute or a Genestealer Cults Leman Russ armed with a multi-melta – in which case, rejoice!
*** But still grim and dark, obviously.

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