New Bundles: Heresy and Ghosts

There are bundles of bundles and collections available from Black Library this week – it’s like it’s Christmas or something!

First up is the new edition of the almost, but not quite, ultimate gathering of tales from the 31st Millennium: ‘The Horus Heresy: The Story So Far (December 2017 edition)’. This mammoth collection of novels, novellas and eBooks covers the Horus Heresy series from Book 1– back in the mists of time when Horus was still a good guy – to book 46, Ruinstorm. In addition to the numbered books, there are two extra novels (the Betrayal at Calth duology), plus a plethora of novellas and Quick Reads. It’s a truly astonishing bundle, and the perfect way to catch up on the Horus Heresy series as it currently stands. It’s also a lot of reading, so it should keep you thoroughly entertained well into the new year.

If you prefer your Heresy read to you, but don’t have the luxury of someone to do so, the MP3 audiobook range is perfect for you. And now, the entire numbered book series* is available in fabulous triple audiobook collections. These save you some money over buying each audiobook individually and are a great way to fill your MP3 player with awesome audio. There are currently fifteen of these collections available, going all the way up to Ruinstorm.

If you’d rather stick to the 41st Millennium, we’ve got you covered with a brand new collection of Dan Abnett’s Gaunt’s Ghosts. With the recent release of the The Warmaster, and the Warmaster Special Edition, we’ve rolled every story featuring the Tanith First together into ‘Gaunt’s Ghosts: The Complete Collection’, which is packed with the fourteen novels (so far) in the series, a bunch of short stories, and two anthologies, Sabbat Worlds and Sabbat Crusade, which both contain Ghosts stories alongside loads of other tales from the war-torn Sabbat Worlds.

You can pick up all of these new bundles, alongside dozens more from every corner of Black Library’s shelves, on the Black Library website now. Check them out.

*Book 31, Legacies of Betrayal consists entirely of stories previously released as audio dramas. As such, no audiobook has been made of this anthology, and so it’s missing from the collections.

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