New Diorama at Warhammer World: The Siege of Khanoris

After tantalising us with weeks of work in progress updates, the latest dramatic diorama from the Warhammer World Studio can finally be seen in Warhammer World ‘s Exhibition Centre.

The Siege of Khanoris

Deep beneath the surface of ice-locked Khanoris, amidst the emerald glow of eldritch engines, Necron tomb complexes of the Sautekh Dynasty rumbled upwards into the light of day. Yet even as the Necrons stalked across the snowfields to besiege Khanoris’ Hive Primus, gunships of the Blood Angels Chapter appeared over the polar mountains.

The Warhammer World team have long wanted to bring back a Necron focused diorama after the removal of the Tomb World display, which was on show at Warhammer World in 2015. Many of the miniatures from Tomb World were kept, have been repurposed, and joined by new Primaris Space Marines. You really can’t keep the Necrons down for long…

Want to see some of how it was made? Check out the work in progress blogs HERE  and HERE.

Want to see all of this, and much more, for yourself? Visit the Exhibition at Warhammer World – find out how HERE.

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