New Doors to Adorn Your Space Marines Tanks

Forge World have a treat for loyalist and traitor Space Marines alike this week, with no fewer than fourteen sets of vehicle doors covering four popular Space Marine Legions. The V, XIII, XIV and XV Legions – better known respectively as the White Scars, Ultramarines, Death Guard and Thousand Sons – each have new doors designed for Horus Heresy-era vehicles (but equally usable on your Warhammer 40,000 models), covering the Legion Deimos Rhino, the Mark II-C Rhino (better known as the plastic kit) and the mighty Land Raider. Each set contains highly detailed resin doors to add to your vehicles, adorned with the iconography of the Legion in question – perfect for tying your vehicles visually to you infantry with Forge World shoulder pads, or maybe just using them to mark out command vehicles in your force.

For the loyalists among you, there are also Ultramarines and White Scars door sets designed for the Primaris Repulsor tank. Use these to show your opponents that you mean business as you crush them under the Repulsor’s gravitic plates or devastate them with heavy weapons fire.

Each of these fourteen door sets is available to order now from Forge World.

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