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In the six months since Guy Haley’s Dark Imperium was released, the question we’ve been asked most (besides “When is the sequel?”) is when it’ll be released as an MP3 audiobook. Well, the question is finally answered. You can now download the audiobook of Dark Imperium from the Black Library website and the Black Library Audio app!

The tale introduces Roboute Guilliman and the Primaris Space Marines to the fiction of the 41st Millennium making it an unmissable piece of the background, and this audio edition, plus a new paperback version, means that you have more ways to experience it than ever before.

Also out in paperback today is David Annandale’s Warden of the Blade, his first novel about Castellan Crowe, leader of the Grey Knights Purifier brotherhood (and remember that the sequel, Castellan, came out in hardback and eBook last week!).

Rounding out the new releases is Rogue Trader: The Omnibus. Written by Andy Hoare, this collects together three novels set on the Eastern Fringe, following the adventures of rogue trader Lucian Gerrit as he makes contact with the alien T’au Empire, and charting the war that ensues… Available in paperback and eBook, this omnibus is available to pick up now.

Check out all of these new releases, and much much more, over on the Black Library website.

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