New in the Citadel Paint App

Have you been using the Citadel Paint App to help you choose colours and learn new techniques? Well, we’ve just added even more goodness to it. To celebrate the release of Codex: Tyranids and Codex: Blood Angels, we’ve added new guides to the app – from the shining golden armour and power weapons of the Sanguinary Guard to bio-horrors from hive fleets new and old, not to mention the black war-plate of the Death Company.

Got a few favourite miniatures you paint more than any others? With the new favouriting system, you’ll be able to mark your most regularly painted models, making accessing their guides simple. And if you want to send your wishlist to someone (perhaps as a not-terribly-subtle hint of which paints you’d like for Christmas), you can now export it as a PDF and send it via email or print a copy out.

You can download the Citadel Paint app for Android, iOS and Kindle devices – update yours, or download it for free (yes, completely free!) and give it a try.

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