New Pre-orders for the Space Marines

Thunderous firepower, furious faith and death-defying heroism – the Space Marines just received some powerful reinforcements. Today, you can pre-order the Primaris Repulsor, the Primaris Apothecary and the Primaris Chaplain; these new units are great for supporting the rest of your Space Marines.

The Primaris Repulsor combines the firepower of a battle tank with an impressive transport capacity, capable of delivering a deadly cargo of Primaris Space Marines where they’ll do most damage, then making sure they stay there with a dizzying array of weapons. Equip yours with an infantry-slaughtering onslaught gatling cannon, or the armour-melting las-talon – you’ll be able to customise this kit with a huge number of options. If you’re using Aggressors or Reivers, or just want a way to get a close combat-armed Primaris Captain to the front lines, you’ll need this destructive new transport in your army.

This Primaris Apothecary is an essential support unit for the Space Marines. If you’re using elite Primaris Space Marine infantry or bulky multi-wound models like the Centurions, the Primaris Apothecary will make sure they stay in the fight, healing wounds and bringing them back from the brink of death. He’s no slouch in combat either – a pair of powerful pistols allow this hero to defend his charges directly.

The Primaris Chaplain combines the advanced new technology of the Ultima Founding with the ancient martial traditions of the Space Marines. He’s an imposing presence on the tabletop, both as a miniature and in his rules. If you want to play your Space Marines as a close combat army making maximum use of the Black Templars or White Scars Chapter Tactics, you’ll want this character in your army offering vital re-rolls in close combat – great for your Terminators, Assault Squads, and Reivers. A powerful crozius arcanum and a high-calibre absolvor bolt pistol allow the Primaris Chaplain to inspire his forces from the front lines. With four Strength 5 attacks doing 2 damage each, an additional Strength 5 shot from his pistol and a 4+ invulnerable save, he’ll be able to threaten characters, monsters and infantry alike.

If you’re a Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves or Deathwatch player, you’ll be able to add these new units to your armies as well! We’re updating our rules PDF so you can field a brutal Primaris Interrogator Chaplain or a Sanguinary Priest of the Ultima Founding, or break through xenos fortifications with a deadly Deathwatch Repulsor. There are full points for all these new units to be used in matched play, and the full datasheets will come in the box for each model.

You can pre-order these new units today. If you’re looking to add them to your Space Marines army, make sure to pick up the codex for full rules, background, and powerful Stratagems and Chapter Tactics to field them with.

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