New Recruits for Underhive Gangs

With the brand new Van Saar gang hitting Necromunda tables soon, the leaders of other gangs might be looking at upping their firepower in response. Fortunately, Forge World are on hand with a host of hired guns who can help you get the drop on your enemies… if you have the credits to pay them.

Survivor of an atrocity that killed his Rogue Trader master and the rest of his mercenary company, Grendl Grendlsson now plies his deadly trade as an underhive Bounty Hunter. Clad in heavy armour, and armed with a mighty hammer and a bolter (which is more than enough to mess up any squishy humans who find themselves in his sights), he’s a formidable ally – and a deadly foe. Also, did we mention that he’s a Squat?

Everybody enjoys a love story, and Belladonna had a wonderful one, as an arranged marriage between noble houses blossomed into true love – until a catastrophic wedding day left her missing her new husband, as well as half her body. Now, Belladonna seeks revenge… and woe betide anyone who gets in her way. Hire her as a Bounty Hunter and you’ll get a stone-cold killer whose bionics and deadly axe make her a powerful addition to your gang.

Once a humble dome-rigger, Eyros Slagmyst was one of a group of brave souls who ventured to the darkest depths of the underhive in search of a cure for the Eye-Blight. What they found was ancient archaeotech that fused with Eyros’ body, giving him the power to draw water from anything – along with a voracious thirst. And of course, given that humans are ugly bags of mostly water, they’re a great source to slake his thirst. Add Eyros Slagmyst to your gang and you’ll get arcane tech and a lot to drink – but be sure that you can give him bodies to draw from, or risk losing some of your own number…

For those Orlocks among you, there’s a new option to lead your gangs as well, in the form of Slate Merdena and his cyber-mastiff, Macula. Unique rules for Merdena will be coming in a future Gang War release, but for now, you can use him as a leader for your iron-hard fighters, with his distinctive armour plates, huge and brutal hammer, and his plasma pistol. And who doesn’t want to add a dog to their gang? Particularly a dog roughly the size of a man and augmented with a bionic leg and other enhancements – and with a temper to match…

Finally, Goliath gangs are being given a whole host of new options with a pair of weapons packs. Similar to the Escher packs released last month, these contain loads of new options for arming your gangers, as well as additional, alternative sculpts for equipment from the gang box. So if you want to kit your gang out with exotic (and deadly!) weapons like heavy bolters, power axes and combi-meltas, now’s your chance. Each set includes enough weapons to re-equip a full plastic gang, so makes a great accompaniment to a gang box.


Rules for the three Bounty Hunters are available in their packs. You can also find rules Grendl Grendlsen and Eyros Slagmyst in Gang War 2, while Belladonna will feature in the upcoming Gang War 3. While he makes a great model for an Orlock gang leader, Slate Merdena also has his own rules PDF, available here:

Goliath gangs wanting to make use of the new weapon packs can also download a PDF containing updated weapons lists:

You can pre-order your new Bounty Hunters now on the Forge World website. Are you planning on adding these Hired Guns to your gang, or just buying some new guns for your Goliaths? Tell us what you’re most excited about this week on the Forge World and Necromunda Facebook pages.

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