New releases for the Death Guard: Multipart Plague Marines and new characters

The latest edition of Warhammer 40,000 has seen new tanks, Terminators, characters and even the return of a Daemon Primarch for the Death Guard. After all that, it’s only fitting that the Plague Marines – a unit that’s been part of the game in some form or another since Rogue Trader! – also receive a fittingly awesome update.

The multipart Plague Marines kit combines the exquisitely disgusting detail from the Dark Imperium Plague Marines with new options for customisation. There are weapons to equip your Plague Marines for any battlefield role you see fit, including deadly close combat gear like the noxious Flail of Corruption or tank-killing classics like the meltagun, as well as variant chest plates and 16 heads and helmets to make your Plague Marines your own.

While the Plague Marines kit includes options for both a Plague Champion and an Icon Bearer, there are also alternate options on the way, designed to add diversity to your units. They’re also great for adding to your existing sets, with the Icon Bearer, in particular, allowing you to add an Icon of Despair to your Plague Marines from Dark Imperium. Finally, we’d be remiss in not mentioning one of the best features of the Plague Champion – a particularly sassy looking Nurgling exclusive to this kit!

Finally, the Biologus Putrifier makes for the perfect accompaniment to a unit of Plague Marines. This sinister chemist is armed with a range of abilities designed to improve your surrounding troops, granting them bonus damage and strength on their blight grenades. The Biologus Putrifier is also a joy for any painters, providing a range of unusual textures – such as glass vials, wooden poles and rusting armour – for you to demonstrate your skills on.

The Plague Marines, Plague Champion, Icon Bearer and Biologus Putrifier can now be pre-ordered from Games Workshop and will be on shelves at your local store next week.

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