New Sector Mechanicus

We have a few more scenery kits today, for those of you building up your Imperial hive cities.

Like all of our Sector Mechanicus scenery, these kits are modular and scalable, and fully compatible with the rest of the range.

We particularly like the servohaulers – it’s not often we see civilian vehicles on battlefields (that aren’t full of 3-armed xenos tainted cultists, at least…).

Also out this week are a new set of bases that match the new Sector Mechanicus terrain. These are perfect, if you’re building a new battlefield at home and want your army to match, or just if you like the idea of having an industrial basing scheme across your force.

There are more than enough bases in there for a Shadow War kill team, or a couple of boxes will give you enough bases for the infantry of a typical Warhammer 40,000 army of around 2,000 points.

Pre-order them all here:

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