New Space Marines Vehicle Doors from Forge World

Today sees a new batch of vehicle doors from Forge World for your Space Marines transports and tanks. From the Traitor Legions, the Emperor’s Children get a set of Rhino-sized doors, and one for their Land Raiders, plus a set designed for the various Deimos-pattern vehicles. Emblazoned with the winged talon sigil and Palatine Aquila of the III Legion, it will mark out the perfection of your vehicles. Alternatively, if you’re a bit more into worshipping the pantheon of Dark Gods, the Word Bearers Rhino doors, Land Raider doors and Deimos pattern doors might be for you. The burning skull emerging from the book that adorns each of these doors will leave your opponents in no doubt that you are bringing the Word of Lorgar to them.

On the Loyalist side, the Raven Guard have something to break up the stealthy black hulls of their vehicles, both in the Horus Heresy and the 41st Millennium. The white raven symbol chosen by Corax appears on not one, but two different sets of Rhino doors, one or two sets of Land Raider doors, Deimos pattern doors and a set designed for the Primaris Repulsor tank.

Finally, the armoured gauntlet of the Imperial Fists will also be making an appearance on vehicles everywhere, with it now being available on two different options for Land Raiders, two more sets for the Primaris Repulsor, a standard Rhino set, and a Deimos pattern set as well.

All of these finely detailed resin accessories are available to pre-order now exclusively from the Forge World webstore.

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