New Space Marines Vehicle Doors

It’s another Forge World Friday, and if this were an Advent calendar, we’d be opening the door to reveal, well, doors. Lots of doors for lots of great Space Marines tanks and transports, for no fewer than six Legions and Chapters.

First up are the Space Wolves. As they don’t have a Legion or Chapter icon – instead, each Great Company has its own insignia chosen by its Wolf Lord – these sets contain variations on a stylised wolf’s head and axes that will fit in with Space Wolves from any Great Company. There are versions available for Rhinos, Deimos pattern Rhinos, Land Raiders and the Primaris Repulsor. We even have a second set of door variants to choose from for both the Deimos and Repulsor! These doors are usable on a range of other Forge World vehicles. For example, the Rhino doors also fit on a Storm Eagle, while the Deimos Rhino doors can be used on any Deimos pattern vehicle, such as a Whirlwind Scorpius.

The Iron Hands have a similar set of options, displaying the iconic open hand symbol of their Legion, with versions for the Rhino, the Deimos Rhino, the Land Raider and the Repulsor.

On the Traitor side, both the Night Lords and World Eaters are getting their iconography – the bat-winged skull on the Rhinos, Deimos Rhinos and Land Raiders of the VIII Legion, and the planet-in-jaws in sets designed for the Rhinos, Deimos Rhinos and Land Raiders of the XII Legion.

Meanwhile, in the 41st Millennium, if you want to add a Primaris Repulsor to your Red Scorpions or Minotaurs army, you can now add appropriate moulded doors for your Chapter of choice.

All of the door sets are cast in finely detailed resin, and are available to pre-order now from the Forge World webstore.

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