New Talons of the Emperor

The armouries of the Emperor’s finest just got reinforced and today you can order the new Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminators or upgrade your Sisters of Silence into gunslinging pistol-wielding Prosecutors.

The Aquilon Terminators borrow design elements from both the Custodian Guard and Cataphractii Terminators, with impressive results. These warriors tower above even their brethren, and have an intimidating, elite appearance – perfect for accompanying your favourite Custodes characters or an allied Detachment with your Praetor. On the tabletop, the Aquilon Terminators are even more durable than their brethren, while still maintaining the mobility that Cataphractii Terminators lack – they’re pretty powerful in the Shooting phase too.

The Sisters of Silence Prosecutor Cadre upgrade set lets you equip 5 plastic Sisters of Silence with twinned bolt pistols. It is an undeniably cool concept – gunslinging psychic abominations? Yes please! – and it’s a powerful one on the tabletop, too. You’ll be able to capitalise on both shooting and assault in close range firefights, perfect for pursuing particularly troublesome psykers (and particularly effective when paired with a Kharon Pattern Acquisitor).

These new releases are available from Forge World – pre-order yours today.

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