New Units in Codex: Blood Angels

The new Blood Angels codex is full of new Stratagems, psychic powers and ways to build your army, as well as a huge range of units new and old to add to your forces.

Firstly, while Primaris units were available to the Blood Angels before, this codex officially confirms their place and allows them to take full advantage of the Blood Angels abilities, Stratagems and relics.

Lots of people have asked us on Facebook about the Primaris Space Marines and “The Flaw”, the endless hunger for blood known as the Red Thirst, and the Black Rage, a state where a Blood Angel is overcome with visions of Sanguinius dying and falls into a berserker fury. The Primaris Marines are – at least, so far – immune to the Black Rage, but not the Red Thirst. However, they seem able to channel their fury more effectively, leading to fewer unfortunate “accidents”…

On the tabletop, this means your Primaris units will be able to take advantage of +1 to wound on the charge, just like the rest of your army. This is going to be particularly nasty on units like Inceptors and Reivers, who already excel in close combat – making them even more effective.

Another change to take advantage of is the introduction of Cataphractii and Tartaros pattern Terminator armour. If you’ve not used these different armour types before, they offer some unique benefits to your Space Marines, from a widened range of equipment to better saving throws.

Cataphractii armour is particularly great for Blood Angels armies. Usually, when equipping your Terminators for assault, you’d have to choose between the greater durability offered by a storm shield and thunder hammer versus the infantry-shredding fury of paired lightning claws. Cataphractii armour has a mighty 4+ save (at the cost of some mobility) before you equip anything else, allowing them to combine both offensive and defensive prowess.

Meanwhile, Tartaros pattern armour is the fastest kind of Terminator armour. The greater mobility permitted by this armour is represented by an extra inch of movement, while these suits can also be equipped with some weapons from the Age of Darkness, like an armour-melting plasma blaster.

It’s not just for your elites – if you want to make for a particularly durable leader for your army, the Captain in Cataphractii armour is a great option, sporting a mighty 3+ invulnerable save! Combine this with the Gift of Foresight Warlord Trait, and you’ll be able to go toe-to-toe with some of the deadliest combatants in the 41st Millennium with ease.

The Stormhawk Interceptor, Stormtalon Gunship, Hunter and Stalker are now available to Blood Angels players as well. The Blood Angels have long been known for their mastery of the skies, but outside of Forge World, all they had to secure their airspace was the Stormraven Gunship, a powerful option, but one that necessitated spending a lot of points. There’s now a much wider range of aircraft and anti-air vehicles available to you, making building your ideal Blood Angels lists much easier.

In short, this is the most complete Blood Angels codex ever, replete with powerful options that support a huge variety of builds, both for matched play and beyond. You’ll be able to pre-order your Blood Angels codex this weekend – in the meantime, the Start Collecting! Blood Angels box is a great place to begin your army.

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