New Units in Codex: Thousand Sons

With the first ever Codex: Thousand Sons, your tactical toolbox is about to get a lot bigger. As well as new ways to use classic units like Rubric Marines, powerful rules to benefit your Sorcerers, and a dizzying array of psychic powers, this codex shines a spotlight on some of Tzeentch’s most aberrant servants. We thought it was worth taking a closer look at Tzaangors in the new book, alongside the grotesque Mutalith Vortex beast:

Firstly, even “normal” Tzaangors are receiving some new toys in the Thousand Sons codex. As well as being able to make use of Stratagems like Webway Infiltration (discussed in our Faction Focus earlier this week), they’ve even got a Stratagem on their own in Cycle of Slaughter:

As if getting hit by a herd of 30 Tzaangors wasn’t scary enough! While this costs a couple of Command Points, Tzaangor-focused lists won’t have to worry about these too much, possessing some pretty easy ways to fill out troops slots in larger detachments (such as taking even more Tzaangors).

The Enlightened are those Tzaangor who have finally caught the attention of Tzeentch in their quest for knowledge. While most who draw the eye of Tzeentch are turned into abominable Chaos Spawn, a few are gifted with arcane weapons, strange artefacts, and maybe even constant mental communion with Tzeentch himself. These Enlightened wield divining spears, fatecaster greatbows or simply the chainswords and autopistols they fought with in their earlier lives in battle.

Tzaangor Enlightened behave much like their brethren, with a few bonuses. Representing their uncanny connection to fate itself, every hit roll of 6+ that you make with this unit will result in an automatic wound – great for stacking up damage on tougher targets. Their weapons are pretty powerful, too; the fatecaster greatbow allows you to use them as a versatile ranged harassment unit, while a flock equipped with divining spears will deal deadly damage on the charge.

Finally, mounted as they are Discs of Tzeentch, Tzaangor Enlightened possess the Daemon keyword, making them eligible for a range of bonuses from nearby characters – we’d recommend using the Boon for Change from the Discipline of Tzeentch.

If you’re looking to use Tzaangors in your army, you’ll want to include at least one Tzaangor Shaman in your force. While these guys are nifty little casters in their own right, occupying an Elites slot and wielding powers from the Discipline of Change, you’ll want them for their Bestial Prophet Ability:

From helping you score more automatic wounds with your Tzaangor Enlightened to just making your hordes more reliable, we think he’s a solid choice.

Mutalith Vortex Beasts are a pretty terrifying prospect on the tabletop, as well, thanks to a suite of strange and arcane abilities. Include this mutant monstrosity in your army, and you’ll be able to pick one powerful effect per turn – or throw yourself on the mercy of your dice and get TWO random ones:

These abilities work particularly well with Tzaangors, further enhancing their prodigious combat capabilities, and are also very handy if you’re using other close combat units. Indeed, anything with the Tzeentch keyword is a viable target, from a Lord of Change to an an allied unit of Warp Talons from Codex: Chaos Space Marines – the choice is yours. These abilities even stack, meaning taking multiple Mutalith Vortex Beasts could pay dividends – just make sure they don’t explode while they’re still in the midst of your forces.

Whether you’re looking for some mobile units to secure objectives alongside the main bulk of a more traditional force of Thousand Sons, or want to field an entire army of chittering Chaos beasties, you’ll want to get your hands on the new Codex: Thousand Sons – make sure to pre-order yours tomorrow. In the meantime, if you’re looking to pick up a herd of Tzaangors for your army, you can hardly go wrong with the Tzeentch Arcanites Changecult Battleforce – get yours here.

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