New Warhammer 40,000 FAQs: What you need to know

This week sees a couple of new FAQ’s go live for Warhammer 40,000, Index: Xenos 1 and the new Codex: Craftworlds.

Some of you, we’re sure, will want to check through every intricate new detail to master every updated nuance, but if you just want the main points, here’s our quick summary of what you need to know:

The molten heart of the craftworlds

We’ve had a lot of questions in about the Avatar of Khaine, and whether these molten master of war are named characters or not.

Aeldari players will be pleased to know that these god-like beings are as individual as the craftworlds they hail from, and the FAQ clarifies that the Avatar of Khaine is not a named character. They can even make use of Craftworld Warlord Traits (we like Mark of the Incomparable Hunter – for obliterating cowardly enemy heroes with a fiery blast from the Wailing Doom while they cower behind the front lines).

Classic models in your army

Another question that we had a lot was on using older models in new armies. Our range of codexes aims to cover the Citadel Miniatures range as it exists today. We know, though, that there are loads of you out there with classic models whose options may no longer be covered – things like Craftworld Autarchs equipped with Warp Jump-generators, with or Astra Militarum officers equipped with power axes and the like.

The new clarification on using older models and index Datasheets explains how you can continue to use these venerable models in your army with the new codex and index, even when that model may no longer be available.

The Reborn

Finally, there was a change to the way that the Reborn hosts of the Ynnari work in matched play.

In a similar way to Psychic Powers, there is now a limit on how many times their army’s unique Strength from Death rule can be used in a turn. We caught up with the design studio to get their thoughts on the update:

Designer’s note: As part of our continuing efforts to make sure that matched play remains a fair and competitive way to play Warhammer 40,000, we felt it was necessary to review how Ynnari armies played in light of the changes made in Codex: Craftworlds. When Index: Xenos 1 was first written, Ynnari armies were playtested using the datasheet rules and points values printed in that book. With the introduction of new Stratagems, improvements to several datasheets, and a general reduction in points values for Codex: Craftworlds units (and anticipating similar changes that will be made in Codex: Drukhari and Codex: Harlequins), it was felt that we needed to address the balance of Ynnari armies so that they remain a competitive army to play with, and against, in matched play games.

The Reborn remain a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop in matched play, especially, with many of their units from the craftworlds getting a reduction in points with the new codex. The change does encourage some slightly different approaches to building an Ynnari force – rather than multiple small units, you might find you get better results from larger units, which can confidently obliterate enemy squads and take advantage of the ensuing Soulburst across all their models.

Of course, in narrative and open play, the Strength from Death rule is unaffected, and you can still use the full unshackled power of the galaxy’s newest god.

There you have it folks – what you need to know.

You can browse, easily through the frequently asked questions and Errata, in the updated FAQ section on this very site.

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