New ways to customise your tanks

Got a favourite Space Marine Legion or Chapter? Want to show your allegiance on your tanks and vehicles? Today, you’ll be able to pre-order a range of new doors for your tanks from Forge World, styled to match a range of Space Marines, both loyal and heretical.

The first wave of doors includes options for the Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Iron Warriors and Sons of Horus. Additionally, for the first time ever, there’s doors to fit your Deimos pattern vehicles, meaning if you’ve got a fondness for Heresy-era vehicles, you won’t be limited in customising them. For loyalists, there’s also doors for the Repulsor tank, meaning that your Primaris Space marines needn’t be left out.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Land Raider doors are fully compatible with the new Thunderhawk – if you’ve been holding off taking the plunge with this iconic Lord of War and you’re an Iron Warriors, Sons of Horus, Dark Angels or Blood Angels player, this could be your chance!

Order your doors from Forge World today.

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