New Year, New Army – Our Hobby Goals for 2021

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With 2021 mere days away, it’s time to turn our thoughts to the most important matter of the new year – what army you’ll be starting. Eager hobbyists from across the Warhammer Community team have been doing just that, and a few of them have shared their ambitions with us.

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Adam: Why start one new army when you can start two? Okay, so it’s technically one, but I really love the aesthetics of both the troggoth and squig sub-factions.

As soon as these ranges were released, I knew someday I’d be building an army of both of these (in my eyes) cute and comic races. Who doesn’t love wild bouncing mouths full of teeth and huge, wet, slimy troggoths covered in mushrooms?* 

The Start Collecting! Gloomspite Gitz set is absolutely perfect for my mission, containing both Rockgut Troggoths and a Squig Herd. Now all I need to do is work out a cool colour scheme and cohesive basing plan so I can combine the forces if I want to.

Expect some models with paint on them next month!

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Krystal: I’ve loved building my Warhammer Age of Sigmar armies, and it’s time for me to delve into the other worlds of Warhammer. Aelves, Sylvaneth, and Nighthaunt have been among my favourites, but the grim darkness of the far future calls to me…

I’m beyond excited to start my Orks army. The improvised weapons caught my eye, and these battle-crazed, carnage-causing, barbaric aliens stole my heart. Who can blame me, with that infamous warcry as they charge headlong into battle: ‘WAAAGH!’ 

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Darcy: I’ve been promising myself that I’d get around to building an Adeptus Mechanicus force for a while now – long enough to have accumulated a fair few boxes of models in the back of a cupboard. However, with the galvanising excitement of New Year, New Army, I’ve pulled them out of storage and have fallen in love with the range all over again.

All of my Imperium forces share a common theme, being part of the Mars Sub-sector Theta-9 Containment Force, and my new Cult Mechanicus congregation will be no exception. They are perhaps the key element of the force, for sitting at the heart of Sub-sector Theta-9 (in my own little narrative corner of the 41st Millennium) is a long-abandoned but still carefully watched forge city.

While my new Adeptus Mechanicus contingent is the last remaining defender of that fateful city, a band of opportunists jealously coveting the secrets hidden within, or something rather more sinister, may approach. It’s something I’ll be pondering as I put clippers to sprue and get cracking on this project.

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Ben: I’m thrilled to be starting a force that I’ve had my eye on since the days of the World Before Time (when they were known by a different name): Daughters of Khaine. I absolutely adore the models in this range and have loved seeing them get more and more awesome over the years. 

With the narrative advancements in Broken Realms: Morathi, now felt like the time to dive right into that oh-so-enticing pool of blood and arise anew.

I’m planning on using a paint scheme adapted from my old Dark Elves, which I last used on my Blood Bowl team, the Fabulous Flash-hearts: black, red, white, and silver. Exciting times!

NYNA Dec26 CS2D83k2
Chris: I’ve chosen to start a Slaves to Darkness force for New Year, New Army after spending some time with a friend talking about what new projects we fancied. After a while, we both came down on Slaves to Darkness, though for slightly different reasons. 

They wanted an army that they could add all sorts of weird and wonderful units to, and I wanted something that I could mould into an effective and flexible force to hopefully take to some events once they can be held safely again. 

For me, the Slaves to Darkness are the quintessential Warhammer Age of Sigmar army. Hordes of bloodthirsty warriors? Check. Big monsters? Check. Megalomaniacal leaders hell-bent on destruction? Check. Foul and darksome sorceries to flay your enemies’ minds while pulverising their bodies? Check. Not only that but they, not the denizens of the Cities of Sigmar, represent the true bulk of humanity in the Mortal Realms. 

All these things and more are why I want to build a Slaves to Darkness army. Following the release of Broken Realms: Morathi, I’m leaning towards building an Idolators force, as there’s something incredibly evocative about a horde of zealots led by their hierophants, determined to tear down the arrogant bastions of their enemies.

What army will be gracing your hobby space as the new year dawns? Whether you’re planning on building a force to conquer the Mortal Realms, battling in the 41st Millennium, or waging war during the Horus Heresy, be sure to let us know on the Warhammer Official Facebook page. We can’t wait to see your new forces take shape! 

* We’re pretty sure the soldiers on the other side of the battlefield aren’t big fans.

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