News from the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender

This weekend sees Nottingham’s Belfry Hotel play host once again to a Horus Heresy Weekender event, but this time it’s a bit new and different… This year, we have the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender. Celebrating all things from the underhive alongside the epic war that decided mankind’s future, it’s seen the Forge World studio, alongside a host of Black Library authors and hundreds of eager hobbyists, descend on the hotel to enjoy the event.

Updated: Feb 3, 17:30pm

There have been seminars galore, with all sorts of exciting tidbits about what’s to come… including a look at a load of new Forge World models. We had a nose around so we could share the excitement with you. Let’s start by delving into the darkness beneath Hive Primus, shall we?

Alongside the Squat Mercenary we previewed yesterday, a pair of bounty hunters were on show, Eyros Slagmist and Belladonna. These hired guns will work for any gang with credits to spare, and add a touch of extra killing power that is sure to aid you in any hard-fought clash.


There were early concepts shown off for even more from Necromunda as well. Both Escher and Goliath gangs are getting heroes to face off against the Orlock boss (and his dog). The Goliath King and Escher Queen are both fearsome foes, while you definitely don’t want to get on the wrong side of the Escher Huntress and Goliath Bounty Hunter…

It’s not just underhive gangs who’re getting reinforcements though. The Space Marine Legions and their allies have plenty of new things coming their way too. Being shown off in the flesh (well, resin) were several new vehicles. The Argoran Armoured Transport is a brutal-looking transport vehicle for the Solar Auxilia. Heavily armoured and with lots of the ornate detailing common to the human forces who fight alongside the Legions, it looks like a great way to get your Solar Auxilia where you need them on the battlefield.

The Taerrax pattern Termite Assault Drill is a blast from the past – a burrowing transport vehicle that first appeared in the Epic-scale game Space Marine many years ago. It takes a squad of warriors deep underground, using multi-directional drills to manoeuvre beneath the enemy and bursting out of the ground in the heart of their formations, disgorging Space Marines and blasting enemy apart with volkite beams.

The Termite isn’t the only classic model getting a reimagining though. Many of you may have fond memories of the first metal Space Marines Land Speeder model. Well, it’s coming back – sort of. The Legion Land Speeder is a modern reimagining of this old classic, fusing its look with the modern Space Marines aesthetic, and we’re sure it’ll find a place in many Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000 armies.

Two Legions also had new sets of vehicle doors revealed. The triple-headed serpent of the Alpha Legion appears on Rhino, Land Raider and Deimos-pattern doors, while the reptilian sigil of the Salamanders adorns all of those as well, plus doors designed for the Primaris Repulsor in Warhammer 40,000.

There were several sneak peeks of works in progress as well. The Mechanicum are getting some love with the new Acastus Knight variant, and the sinister Magos Dominus Anacharis Scoria, one of the founding fathers of the Dark Mechanicum, who is looking deeply scary even just from a limited look…

The Termite’s big brother is coming too, with the Imperial Mole looking like an absolute monster, with four huge tracks holding up the immense bullet-shaped device.

And, excitingly, the heroes of the Alpha Legion are coming in force. The Lernaean Terminator, armed with a volkite charger and mighty power axe, looks every inch the cold-blooded killer these elite warriors are reputed to be. But the biggest reveal of all has to be the Primarch of the XX Legion himself. With his ornate helmet, finely decorated armour and what looks like a seriously action-oriented pose, it is very clear that he is Alpharius…

We’ll have more updates for you tomorrow, so be sure to check back then to see more reveals and the results of the Golden Demon.

Constantin Valdor and Rogal Dorn

You knew Rogal Dorn was coming, but one hero of the Imperium wasn’t enough for this Weekender. Behold, in all his glory, Constantin Valdor – Captain-General of the Legio Custodes!

Pretty awesome, right?

These guys, alongside several other fantastic kits are on sale for those able to attent the event, but don’t worry – they’ll be available on general release in the near future. 

And we’re just getting started – later today, we’ll be updating this page with more reveals from the seminars going on around the Belfry, so stay tuned.

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