Next Week’s Pre-orders: The Cycle of Corruption Continues…

While there’s a plethora of putrid presents for every Nurgle fan already available, next week will see the corps of the Plague God swell even further with some mortal reinforcements, as well as one particularly notable Herald…

If you’ve got a Rotbringers army, or if you’re looking for some new tactical options for your Nurgle force, both the Lord of Blights and Pusgoyle Blightlords are excellent options. The former helps add ranged attacks to nearby Putrid Blightkings, while the latter are amongst the fastest units in the entire Nurgle army. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for another Hero for your army, the Pusgoyle Blightlords kit also builds the Rot Fly mounted Lord of Afflictions, a terrifying overlord who brings Nurgle’s plagues to bear from above.

For the Daemons of Nurgle, meanwhile, the Beast of Nurgle will be available next week for your Warhammer 40,000 or Warhammer Age of Sigmar army, as well as the Sloppity Bilepiper. These jovial servants of Nurgle are a great addition to any army, with the former acting as deadly shock units (as they bound up the battlefield to “befriend” your foes) while the latter provides handy bonuses for most units in your army (bar Plaguebearers, who are far too dour to enjoy the capering of these corrupt comedians).

You’ll be able to pre-order these units next week, while in the meantime, you can grab yourself some of the awesome new Nurgle models right now – check them out on our webstore.

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