No Glue, No Time, No Problem – new kits now available

Have you been holding off on starting a Death Guard or Space Marines army? Just want to add some new units to your collection but don’t have any time (or glue)? The new Easy to Build kits are for you.

Firstly, the Easy to Build Aggressors make adding this powerful Primaris unit to your collection easy. Costing less than the fully customisable Aggressor kit and buildable in minutes, they’re great if you’re just starting out and want some additional models to add to your forces from First Strike or Know No Fear, or if you’re a seasoned player bulking out an existing unit.

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth reiterating – the Easy to Build Redemptor is only 12 pieces, down from 109 in the main set! While the full-fledged Redemptor does possess some extra options – like additional poseability, an openable sarcophagus, more weapons and so on – this kit is a great alternative if you’re short on time or just on a budget, buildable in minutes and looking just as impressive once built.

It’s not just about ease, as the Death Guard see some handy new tactical options with their Easy to Build kits. The Myphitic Blight-hauler is a durable battlefield support vehicle, capable of shrouding your other units or laying low heavy armour with its ranged weapons.

Just remember to take them in threes to make the most of their Tri-lobe special rule:

Meanwhile, Lord Felthius and the Tainted Cohort contain some extra weapons. The Blightlord Terminators in the set provide you with, among other things, an extra plaguespitter-armed Terminator, great for bulking out your squads with some additional heavy weapons, while Lord Felthius himself represents a Lord of Contagion with a Manreaper – one of the same deadly scythes wielded by the Deathshroud Terminators.

Order your Easy to Build kits today, and you can ensure they’ll arrive in time for Christmas! You can find yours here or at your local store on release day next week.

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