Order Today – Valhallan Ice Warriors

Get ‘em While They’re Hot

Introduced way back during the second edition of Warhammer 40,000, the Valhallan Ice Warriors have remained a popular regiment for Astra Militarum players ever since. We’re bringing them all back in metal for just one week, starting right now! If the recent weather (for you boreal types*) has got you thinking about those comfy-looking greatcoats and ushanka-style hats, this is your moment. 

First up is the humble Valhallan Ice Warrior squad. These Guardsmen are armed with distinctive long-stock and short-barrel lasguns, wearing the iconic greatcoats, as well as a mix of fur-lined hats, helmets and caps. The squad also includes a Sergeant toting a bolt pistol and chainsword. 

Bulk up with these troops, but don’t forget to add a little boom with some weapon specialists – one’s packing a grenade launcher and another has a meltagun. The last is equipped with a flamer for roasting xenos and heretics, plus lighting fires to warm up those cool Valhallan nights. 

Take on all comers with a wide variety of heavy weapons teams! Mix and match autocannons, heavy bolters, mortars and missile launchers, or go all-in on one type for a devastating counter to heavy armour, elite infantry, and horde armies.

Your regiment will need officers to lead it – this Valhallan Commander in a stylish officer’s cap, epaulettes and sash will do nicely. You can also choose the famous Commander Chenkov, decked out in a fur-trimmed greatcoat, glorious moustache, cape and a massive papakha-style hat, even though he no longer has special rules of his own. The Valhallan Commander is armed with a hand flamer and chainsword, whilst Commander Chenkov brandishes a bolt pistol in one hand and a power sword in the other. 

If you plan to add a sizable force to your army, order the Valhallan Platoon for 18 Guardsmen, two Sergeants (including one with a hand flamer and power sword that’s only available in this set), three Autocannon Teams and Commander Chenkov. It’s a great way to form the core of a new force or add some Ice Warrior flair to your existing Astra Militarum collection. 

Heroes of Armageddon – back in the spotlight

By now you’ll have heard about the return of a notorious greenskin not seen since Armageddon – Makari, a standard bearer of fearsome renown. This lucky little grot reminded us of another legendary hero from the same era – Commissar Yarrick, armed with that classic lobster-like Ork power klaw. With his laurel-wreathed peaked cap, grisly Ork bone trophies and distinctively decorated garb, this model stands up well to the test of time. Fancy a fun painting challenge to prepare for the return of the Makari menace? Grab Yarrick in metal this week to lead your regiments to glorious victory against all odds. 

As a special treat for those who fondly remember Yarrick’s classic back-banner, our talented staff have recreated the art in black and white – just download, print, and paint your own! Get it now.

All of these venerable metal models are available for just one week through Made to Order, so don’t miss this opportunity to add them to your collection today! 

* It’s just a cool way to say “Northern Hemisphereans”.

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