Part 2: Building the Death Guard

Chaos put the ‘Dark’ into ‘Dark Imperium’, and today we’re showing off a twisted mirror of the Primaris Space Marines we built yesterday as part of our Mustering Your Forces series. We’ll be covering how to assemble these baleful warriors of the Death Guard, the plague-anointed warriors of the Chaos God Nurgle, alongside the shambling hordes that follow them into battle.

With arguably more detail than any plastic Chaos Space Marines we’ve ever made before, the battle-scarred, mutation-ridden warriors of the Death Guard are intimidating to face but needn’t be intimidating to assemble. Duncan has produced this guide on getting your Death Guard built and ready to play with minimal fuss, alongside models you’ve never assembled or seen before, such as the shambling Poxwalkers and the biomechanical Foetid Bloat-drone.

With your forces assembled and ready to fight, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to get gaming right away on release day (you can make sure you get your copy then by pre-ordering online). The next step, painting, needn’t be a chore and we’ll be continuing our series tomorrow with the first of three painting guides: starting off with the Primaris Captain. You won’t want to miss it.

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