Part 2: Traitors

“Who would win in a fight between…” These immortal words are uttered wherever Warhammer 40,000 fans gather (online, these days), often followed by names of Primarchs. Well, we are here to find out! Yesterday, we pitted the Loyalist sons of the Emperor against each other to determine which of them was the champion. Today, it’s the turn of the Traitors – and it’s gonna get messy.

While the Loyalists played by a very strict set of rules, anything goes where Chaos is involved. There are no brackets here, no one-on-one duels, no restrictions on weapons or anything else. It’s nine Primarchs in an arena, and the last one standing wins and faces the Loyalist champion in tomorrow’s grand final.

Our combatants were placed in the hands of our advanced Primarch Behavioural Simulator* to determine their actions. What old grudges would be settled in this arena of death? Who would dive straight into combat, and who would hold back to pick off the survivors of the initial bouts? Would anyone dare to attack Horus? It was time to find out!

The first round saw Angron, predictably, speed towards the nearest target – the Night Haunter, who was only too happy to oblige his brother’s bloodlust. Gorefather and Gorechild struck, and a combination of Furious Charge, Hatred and some really unfortunate invulnerable save rolls reduced Curze to a single Wound! The injured Primarch hit back with Mercy & Forgiveness, causing a wound which Angron laughed off. In the second round, Curze caused Angron another wound, and in return, the gladiator’s chainaxes ripped the Night Haunter apart. First blood to Angron – which would only make him more deadly, as he gained an additional Attack…

Perturabo and Fulgrim were ever disdainful of each other, the Phoenician’s flamboyance in marked contrast to the Lord of Iron’s utilitarian leanings. As Fulgrim approached, Perturabo opened fire with his wrist blaster, causing a wound to the Emperor’s Children Primarch. Fulgrim closed the distance and roared out a challenge, which Perturabo accepted with a nod. Fulgrim’s Sublime Swordsman rule gave him a whopping nine attacks with the Blade of the Laer, causing no fewer than four wounds to Perturabo! The return blows missed the agile Fulgrim, who struck out again, taking the Iron Warrior’s last two Wounds and laying him low.

Alpharius and Lorgar both attempted to go for the heart of the Traitor alliance and take down Horus himself in a sneak assault – but the Warmaster was ready for them. Horus raked Alpharius with bolter fire, driving him back, while Lorgar leapt to the attack. The high priest’s blows bounced from Horus’ armour, and the Lupercal’s return attack with his talon tore into Lorgar’s chest, causing three wounds and reducing his Weapon Skill and Strength. A second round of combat quickly saw Lorgar put down, the Dark Gods abandoning him when they saw Horus’ power…

Meanwhile, Mortarion, never a fan of magic, made a beeline for Magnus to settle some old scores. The Red Cyclops steeled himself for the assault with the psychic power Iron Arm, bringing himself to Strength 10 and Toughness 9 – but would that be enough against Mortarion’s mighty scythe? Silence fell, but Magnus was left unharmed and the Blade of Ahn-Nunurta lashed out. With Magnus’ warp-enhanced Strength behind it, it caused two wounds, both of which Mortarion saved. The two continued to battle to a standstill.

Alpharius, rather than face the Warmaster’s might, closed on the duelling Magnus and Mortarion, driving the Pale Spear into the sorcerer’s side and causing three wounds! A slightly wounded Fulgrim leapt into the fray from across the cage with a flurry of blows directed at the distracted Alpharius. With his spear taking up residence in Mortarion’s side, the Hydra fell swiftly to the Phonecian’s onslaught.

Mortarion followed up with a scything blow from Silence and took Magnus’ head from his body.

Angron leapt into the scrum as well now, or what was left of it, and made short, extremely gory work of the Emperor’s Children Primarch as he was cleaning his blade and admiring the pattern of viscera that slicked the floor…

Horus watched as the Death Lord and Red Angel now came to blows, content to let them destroy each other. Angron’s sheer fury won out, though Mortarion gave a good account of himself, leaving Angron injured. But would he be easy prey for Horus?

Finally, the blood-soaked and wounded butcher faced down the Warmaster, who beckoned with his talon. Angron charged, wounding Horus once. Lupercal laughed and slammed Worldbreaker fatally down on Angron’s head, taking the last of his Wounds and proving once and for all that he, and only he, was the true chosen of Chaos.

And there you have it – proof positive that Horus is the greatest of the Traitor Primarchs. Will he manage to defeat Lion El’Jonson and claim the title of Greatest Primarch Ever? Join us tomorrow to find out… In the meantime, check out the Horus Heresy Primarchs range of stories to find out more about all the fighters – and head to the Forge World Facebook page with your predictions about who’s going to come out on top in the Grand Final.

* Someone who’s read all the books and has an ample supply of dice.

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