Part 3: Painting the Primaris Captain

We’re continuing our Mustering Your Forces series this week with Part 3: a guide to getting your Primaris Captain (newly assembled) ready for war. With the Great Rift opening ever wider, and Ultramar under threat, you’ll want to get yours into battle as soon as possible.

In the past, our How to Paint guides have focused on in-depth painting techniques, but not everyone has the patience or inclination to spend that much time on painting – there are wars to win after all! With our new Ready For Battle guides, you’ll be able to get your models to a completely respectable tabletop standard in no time at all.

Naturally, you might want a paint job to fully do credit to your Captain’s martial prowess and tactical expertise (and with the new Character rules you won’t have to worry about making him an obvious target!). Indeed, Duncan comes to the rescue again with one of our usual, more in depth, How to Paint guides. We’ll be providing these in addition to the Ready for Battle guides for all the models covered in the series, so whatever level of painter you are, you’ll be able to get your models in fighting shape.

You could also use the advice here to add some character to any marines in your collection; perhaps tying your Lieutenants to their commander with a shared motif, or adding additional details to your Ancient or even Guilliman himself.

Worry not Chaos fans – tomorrow we’ll cover getting your Death Guard up to the standard of their loyalist brethren – looking in particular at the Primaris Captain’s rival, the Lord of Contagion.

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