Part 4: Painting the Lord of Contagion

Today, we’ll be continuing our painting guides with a look at the Lord of Contagion. A Lord of Contagion is a veteran of countless battles, his Cataphractii warplate straining under the grime and wear of ten thousand years of unholy war. We’ve got a Ready for Battle video on how to get the job done quickly – so your shiny new models look just as grubby and as ancient as they should.

Naturally, these tips will work on any Death Guard from the set, including the Bloat-drone. Like yesterday, we’ve also got a more advanced How to Paint guide if you want your Lord of Contagion sporting all the detail befitting one of Mortarion’s Inner Circle; a slime-smeared testament to the power of Nurgle.

If you’re itching to try these techniques out before Dark Imperium lands on the 17th of June, you could always try them on another Death Guard miniature – perhaps Typhus or another Daemon Engine to keep your Foetid Bloat-drone company. We’ll also be getting close and personal with the Poxwalkers tomorrow with another two guides. We’ll see you then.

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