Part 5: Painting the Poxwalkers

Among the armies of Nurgle march (or shamble, or crawl) endless hordes of Poxwalkers; the unfortunate recipients of Nurgle’s manifold blessings. We reckon you’ll probably want a few of your own too. With 20 in the Dark Imperium box to get you started, they’ll likely form a considerable chunk of your Death Guard force – but they don’t have to take up a considerable chunk of your time. Today, in part 5 of our Mustering Your Forces series, we’ll be taking you through how you can quickly get your Poxwalkers on the tabletop and ready to play (and if you need a refresher on assembling them, it’s in Part 2!)

If, like Nurgle himself, you fancy lavishing some more love and attention upon some of your subjects, we also have a more detailed guide available; with a little time, you’ll have a collection that’ll command respect (and more than a little revulsion) from your fellow hobbyists.

Techniques here will be at home on any of your Nurgle models, and could even find themselves at home among the traitors of the Astra Militarum (who now have rules available via Forge World).

If you’ve missed any of the rest of the series, or want to go over it again, we’ve linked them for you below:

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