Pistols at Dawn (of War)

There are a number of notorious gunslingers in the 41st Millennium. Today, we see how the new ‘bot in town, the Hexmark Destroyer, compares to some of its pistol-packing opponents as we look at our six favourite gunfighters.

The myth, the ‘morph, the legend. Famous among the Genestealer Cults for both his skill with his pistols and his rebellious attitude, the Kelermorph has become the poster hybrid for the revolution. Of course, a lot of those are “wanted” posters.

When you’re important enough to have a Warrant of Trade, you don’t have the time to load your own pistols, and so Neyam Shai Murad has a pair of servo skulls to load hers. When she comes into town and draws those negotiator pistols, you know the time for bargaining is over.

Some might say that being able to fly gives you an unfair advantage in a gunfight. We say that it’s the winners that make the rules… Armed with a pair of bolt pistols, inferno pistols, or hand flamers, the Seraphim will have written their own rule book soon.

Or is he good? We don’t know! What we do know is that he’s an expert gunslinger with those two pistols of his. One thing we would advise though – if you see him in the saloons of Terra or further afield, don’t ask him about his sword.

Some may scoff at him only having one gun but be careful, those people only get to scoff at the Eversor once before he guns them down. It’s been said that the only difference between an Eversor Assassin and a cyclonic warhead is that the warhead is kinder. 

Moseying into town on three legs comes the Hexmark Destroyer. If it had a mouth, you can bet that it would have a toothpick in it. With six eyes, they’re always watching you, and with six guns, you’re going to need more than a sixth sense to escape a fusillade from those enmitic disintegrator pistols. 

The Hexmark Destroyer is available to pre-order from Saturday. Make sure that you join us on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page to let us know who your favourite pistol-packing character is.

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