Pre-order: Blood Angels and Books

It’s a busy week for The Horus Heresy – check out the new reinforcements for the Blood Angels Legion in the form of the Angel’s Tears and see which campaign book is returning as a paperback edition.

Angel’s Tears

Bring down the judgement of Sanguinius from upon high with the Angel’s Tears, the Blood Angels’ equivalent of Destroyer Squads in other Legions.* Armed with a pair of volkite serpenta, they easily cut down even the most heavily armed infantry.

Alternatively, they can be armed with grenade launchers – the additional range of these weapons, combined with the speed and manoeuvrability of their jump packs, means that nowhere on the battlefield is safe from the Angel’s Tears.

These grenade launchers are loaded with rad grenades, terrifying weapons whose usage is sanctioned only in the direst of circumstances.** This makes them perfect for taking out the most powerful of enemies, from Primarchs to Daemons – even power armour is of little protection against such destructive force.

The models are full of exquisite details – they wear the silver masks of their Order, protecting their identity from their brothers so that they can persecute their way of war without judgement. They also feature Legion-specific iconography, marking them out as true sons of Sanguinius. Rules for using the Angel’s Tears can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Eight – Malevolence.

Back in Black

The Horus Heresy campaign books are iconic tomes, and some of them have been out of print. Well, good news, one of them is returning in a stunning new softback edition. Book Two – Massacre is when the galaxy learns of the rebellion and the Emperor sends his forces to bring his wayward sons to justice, but Horus is one step ahead of his father. Featured inside are rules for the Salamanders, Iron Hands, Word Bearers and Night Lords.

As well as Legion-specific units, this book features an in-depth look at the backgrounds and organisations of the Legions, and campaigns featuring a series of linked missions that let you explore The Horus Heresy in even greater detail.

Pre-order your Angel’s Tears and softback Horus Heresy campaign book now.

* If you’re not familiar with Destroyer units, they do the Legion’s dirty work, completely annihilating the enemy through the use of biological and chemical weaponry. 

** Such as when half of the Emperor’s Space Marines Legions turn against him!

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