Pre-order Direchasm and New Warcry Goodies Today!

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This is a big day for boxed games in the Mortal Realms, with a new season of Warhammer Underworlds and a set of epic expansion books for Warcry, plus loads of accessories. Let’s have a look at what you can secure for yourself and pick up as gifts for your friends and family! 

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The next season of Warhammer Underworlds is here, including two absolutely stunning new warbands – Myari’s Purifiers and the Dread Pageant. Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm is a boxed game including everything new players need to get started, plus updated rules and game mechanics for dedicated players to try out.  

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We’ll toss in one of these exclusive, commemorative metal coins as a bonus for pre-ordering the Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm, while supplies last. Featuring the same leering bestial skull icon on both sides, you can use it as a Primacy token – one of the key new game mechanics in this season. 

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Alongside the new Core Set, you can pre-order a number of accessories to enhance your games. First up is a deckbox with a striking blood-red Direchasm theme, with the Primacy icon picked out in white. Roomy enough to fit a full deck of sleeved cards, you’ll arrive at your games confident your cards are in good order.

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What would a new season of Direchasm be without tokens? So many tokens! This set includes 56 of them to keep track of various game mechanics and status effects – like Hunger and Primacy – including warband-specific markers. You’ll find tokens here for every new warband, including those that haven’t yet been released, so pre-order this set now to make sure you don’t miss out. 

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You’ll also find two full sets of dice up for pre-order, one perfect for Order warbands, and the other featuring colours more in line with Chaos factions. Each set of 20 dice includes even more than a standard set so you’re never scrambling to find that one that rolled off. You’ll get distinct Attack, Defence, and Magic dice to keep you rolling in style.

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Talking about style, you can also get your hands on this new Warhammer Underworlds t-shirt. Looking good while gaining glory has never been easier, and whether you’re seeking to calm the living mountain or use its hunger for your own ends, this shirt is perfect for you.

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Keeping the action in the Mortal Realms, let’s take a look at what’s new in Warcry. Grab a cuppa… There’s a lot of it!

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Four new books explore the Grand Alliances of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, bringing their warriors fully into the fold of Warcry with fighter abilities, background tables, quests and loads more! Some of these rules have been published in various places, but now they’re collected together in one easy-to-find place. 

Every faction is treated to the same depth and detail the original cultist warbands enjoyed, so you can use your existing collections to explore, exploit, and dominate the Bloodwind Spoil. If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toe in with a new range of miniatures, a Warcry warband is a great way to start, comprising just a handful of models that can be expanded over time. Pre-order your Grand Alliance books today!*

GWPreOrder Nov29 GrandAllianceOrderBook3edsavr GWPreOrder Nov29 GrandAllianceDestructionBook3wsfe GWPreOrder Nov29 GrandAllianceDeathBook3sfd GWPreOrder Nov29 GrandAllianceChaosBook3sfe

Each book is accompanied by a set of themed Grand Alliance dice, offering 16 dice in three distinct colours to use during your games. After all, you can never have too much favour with the dice gods if you want to succeed in such a harsh environment. The 6-face of each one features the Warcry icon, and the contrasting-coloured pips are easy to read in the heat of the moment.

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Along with the Grand Alliance books comes the essential update for Warcry – the Tome of Champions 2020. Introducing new ways to play with your collection, and integrating the latest updates from both Catacombs and the Grand Alliance books, every Warcry gamer will want a copy of this book.

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Is the game not hard enough for your crack skills? The Trial of Champions will give you a run for your money. Looking for a new area of the Eightpoints to explore? A fresh narrative campaign offers just that. Seeking out the most balanced and tightest competitive ruleset? These matched play updates are for you. Pre-order this loaded 112-page softback today! 

But that’s not all. Today you’ll find four new faction boxes up for pre-order, including two that were only previously available in the Catacombs box.

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Khainite Shadowstalkers have been sent by Morathi herself to execute secret missions, whilst the Scions of the Flame have risen up to spread their particular (fire)brand of worship across the Eightpoints. Expand your warbands or start new ones with these stellar kits, featuring fantastic and varied sculpts to delight and challenge painters of all abilities. 

You’ll also find two brand new warbands, representing the skeletal undead Legions of Nagash and the vengeful and bitter Sylvaneth, each with their own motivations for venturing into the Eightpoints.

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These boxes offer up enough models to create a wide variety of fighters for your warband, plus all the cards you need to keep track of them during your games! 

Everything listed above is up for pre-order right now, so get some holiday shopping wrapped up, or treat yourself with a little something extra for making it through such an… interesting year. You certainly deserve it. 

* These Warcry books and dice sets are experiencing a shipping delay to China. We’ll keep you posted when we have more information. 

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