Pre-order: Forge Your Saga

The next stage of the Psychic Awakening begins this week with the release of Saga of the Beast and Prophecy of the Wolf. Take a look at this week’s pre-orders.

Prophecy of the Wolf

We’ve teased, we’ve hinted, we’ve given you little glimpses, and today your patience will be rewarded. Yes, you can finally pre-order Makari! Not only that, but he also comes with his personal bodyguard, Ghazghkull Thraka, as well as five Ork Nobs and three Meganobz for him to order around. The new battlebox also includes Ragnar Blackmane and 10 Primaris Infiltrators (that can alternatively be built as Incursors) for you to pit Makari against.


Also included is a 32-page booklet featuring rules for all of the models in the box and background on the Krongar campaign. There are also three new Echoes of War missions based around Ragnar hunting down Makari (and Ghazghkull) to put an end to this threat once and for all.

Saga of the Beast

The next chapter in the Psychic Awakening saga focuses on the vicious battles between the Space Wolves and the rampaging Orks. The Chapter has come together to stop Ghazghkull* from launching the biggest Waaagh! ever. Can they succeed? Alongside a detailed background section focusing on these conflicts, the book contains new Crucibles of War missions, new datasheets and Stratagems for both armies, new Litanies of Battle and Relics for the Space Wolves, and Specialist Mobs rules, Kustom Jobs and additional psychic powers for the Orks.

Saga of the Beast is available as a collector’s edition featuring a soft-touch cover, black page edges and a black ribbon bookmark. It also includes four short stories and extra background on the battles between the Orks and the Space Wolves. Alternatively, you can pick up the standard hardback edition or the ePub version.


Whether you’re an Orks or Space Wolves player or just want to keep up with the unfolding narrative of the 41st Millennium, make sure that you order your copy.

Prophecy of the Wolf and Saga of the Beast are available to pre-order now from and will be available in-store next Saturday. Grab them both and start writing your own legendary saga that will echo through the ages.

* And Makari, of course!

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