Pre-order Saul Tarvitz for The Horus Heresy Today

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Saul Tarvitz, Captain of the Emperor’s Children 10th Company, has arrived to fight on the battlefields of the Age of Darkness. 

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This stunning miniature is available to pre-order from today and is depicted ready to strike with his Charnabal broadsword. This finely wrought weapon reinforces Tarvitz’s role as a peerless duellist and expert at quickly dispatching your opponent’s Characters in challenges.

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Not only can Saul Tarvitz lead his own Emperor’s Children, but he can also join an allied contingent in a Loyalist Legion’s force, which hearkens back to his legendary command of Loyalists from the Emperor’s Children, Death Guard, and World Eaters during the Istvaan III Atrocity. 

Pre-order now and lead the fight against the Traitor Legions in the name of the Emperor!

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