Pre-order Today: Broken Realms and More!

This week is a big one for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, as the Broken Realms saga begins with Morathi’s play for apotheosis. We’ve also got a very fun model to celebrate the legacy of Josef Bugman, plus the next set of Space Marine (anti-)Heroes and even an early stocking stuffer! Read on to see what’s on pre-order today.

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Dawn of a Deadly New Era

Broken Realms is the next major event in Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s ongoing narrative, and it opens with Morathi making some serious power moves. The beginning of the saga sets the stage for huge news that will affect every faction, starting with the fight to free Slaanesh… 

Shadow & Pain

SundayPreview Nov1 ShadowPain3t

This new battlebox sees the Hedonites of Slaanesh seeking to free the Dark Prince from imprisonment, but they’re pitted against an elite force of Daughters of Khaine who have designs of their own. Both sides are led by new Hero models that you can only find in this set right now: the wicked Lord of Pain and the fearsome Melusai Ironscale. 

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GWReleases Nov07 Image02mel

In the set, you’ll get two balanced armies, a booklet with rules and battleplans, plus tokens and reference cards – everything you need to start playing right away! 

Broken Realms: Morathi

Commemorate the first chapter of the cataclysmic new series with this frankly stunning limited edition version of Broken Realms: Morathi. 

GWReleases Nov07 Image05out

These numbered tomes are strictly limited, so go grab yours right now! You can read the rest of this in a moment… 

Also available in a standard 120-page hardback and digital edition, Broken Realms: Morathi is chock full of artwork and background telling the epic tale of Morathi’s quest to ascend to godhood. 

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GWReleases Nov07 Image04wor

Along the way, you’ll find vital updates for a number of factions, including the Daughters of Khaine (naturally), Cities of Sigmar, Stormcast Eternals, Slaves to Darkness, and Idoneth Deepkin. 

Coinciding with the release of the book, are four new boxed sets which match the units featured in some of the warscroll battalions found in Broken Realms: Morathi! 

GWReleases Nov07 Image06wai
GWReleases Nov07 Image07als

GWReleases Nov07 Image08cho
GWReleases Nov07 Image09col

These kits are perfect for starting a new force or bolstering your existing armies.

Now, if you’re looking to bring some festive cheer to the table, look no further than this colourful duardin character… 

SundayPreview Nov1 BugmanssonHeader30hc

Jakkob Bugmansson XI: Brewmaster-General

SundayPreview Nov1 Bugmansson5r

Speaking of epic sagas, the illustrious tale of Bugman’s fabled beers continues in the Mortal Realms, carried on by the distant heir to the legendary Bugman name. This limited-time offer will only be around for this holiday season and you can pre-order him starting today. Joining a long line of collector’s pieces, he’s also a fine addition to your Kharadron Overlords army.

This model makes a great gift for just about every Warhammer fan, so you can make some headway on this year’s holiday shopping! 

If you’re looking for something Warhammer 40,000-themed, we’ve got you covered there too. 

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Space Marine Heroes: Series 3

GWReleases Nov07 Image10ate

SundayPreview Nov1 SMHeroesSE3 1h
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The Death Guard are crashing the Space Marine Heroes party, with six new sculpts making their way into general release this week. As with the previous two series, they come in blind boxes so you don’t know which one you’re going to get – good thing they’re all incredible models!

This time around, we’re giving you the option to buy a full set of six to guarantee you’ll get them all. Choose the full dispenser or add just one or two to your order for gifting to your friends and family or for a fun side project. 

GWReleases Nov07 Image11rlq

Feel like stuffing some more stockings? How about a Warhammer twist on something classic? 

Indomitus Playing Cards

SundayPreview Nov1 PlayingCards6r

This set of 54 playing cards is split into four suits: Imperium, Astartes, Chaos, and Xenos, plus two Harlequin Jokers. Featuring iconic artwork both old and new on each card, this highly collectible deck is sure to see some use as you unwind with relaxing games during the upcoming holiday season.

All of these items are up for pre-order today! There’s something for everyone this week, so get out there and take care of some early Christmas shopping!

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