Pre-order Today: Complete Your Adepta Sororitas Collection!

Since the beginning of the year, Adepta Sororitas players everywhere have been praying for the day the God-Emperor would bless them with shiny new plastic kits for the remaining units in their codex. Well, that day has come at last. Let’s take a quick look at what you can pre-order today!

Adepta Sororitas Rhino

Why walk to battle when you can drive? Simple logic, really. But armoured personnel carriers exist for good reason, and Rhinos are among the very finest. With a transport capacity of 10 Sisters of Battle and no big gun to distract it from doing what it does best – delivering infantry to their objective – you can’t go wrong!

If you insist on your transport vehicle having the means to blow something up, the Rhino can be equipped with a beautifully ornate hunter-killer missile for a one-shot wonder. As one would expect from the lovingly maintained vehicle fleets of the Sisters of Battle, the Sororitas Rhino features some wonderfully Gothic designs such as arched panels and opulent detailing.


The Immolator is the final say in… well, immolation. If you’re willing to sacrifice some of the transport capacity of a Rhino,* the pay-off is a murderously destructive turret weapon in the form of its immolation flamers.

However, the new kit also includes twin heavy bolter and twin multi-melta options, if you prefer a less pyromaniacal approach. What’s more, the turret gunner is safely shielded by an armoured stained-glass window, which is both in practice and in principle, one of the most awesome things ever!



Need a reliable leader for your Adepta Sororitas army? Look no further than this stalwart veteran of the Holy Orders – the Canoness. She comes with a dizzying array of weapon options to wield – a bolt pistol, plasma pistol, inferno pistol, condemnor boltgun for medium range, as well as a chainsword, power sword, blessed blade, null rod and a brazier of holy fire for purging up close and personal. Whatever role you need her to perform, it’s fair to say she’ll have the tools for the job!



Inspire your Adepta Sororitas with the Stirring Rhetoric of a Dialogus. To make sure she can be heard even over the din of battle, she’s accompanied by an anti-grav laud hailer, meaning she can remain hands-free to deliver a sound thrashing to the faithless with her ornate stave. Always handy – or should that be handless-y?


Whether you’re after a beautifully rendered standard bearer to stand(ard) out among the Simulacra Imperialis of your squads or seek to make use of her powerful Litany of Deeds in battle, the Imagifier is an absolute must-have.

Sisters Repentia

Nothing says ‘repentance’ quite like sprinting towards your enemies with a giant two-handed chainblade, all the while bereft of any armour! The Sisters Repentia are among the deadliest melee units in the entire Adepta Sororitas range, and they make perfect occupants for a Sororitas Rhino to help them get to the enemy line in one piece!

The miniatures themselves have been cleverly designed so that your choice of penitent eviscerator provides each Repentia with a different, yet incredibly dynamic pose. As well as the nine Repentia in the set, you also get a Repentia Superior whose role it is to ‘motivate’ her penitent charges with encouraging reminders from her neural whips.


Bring down the God-Emperor’s judgement from the skies with the Seraphim, who dual-wield bolt pistols (or even hand flamers and inferno pistols) to the ruin of their enemies. With this kit,** you can make five of these winged warriors, or assemble them as their new, elite variant, the Zephyrim. Armed with power swords instead of a second bolt pistol, the Zephyrim offer some swift, armour-shredding hitting power.

Adepta Sororitas: Battle Sanctum

Expand your Sector Imperialis terrain with the freedom to create diagonal walls with this fully modular kit.*** Oh, and don’t forget you’ll also get an incredible statue of Saint Celestine, which not only looks amazing, but will provide your nearby Adepta Sororitas units with a number of inspirational abilities on the battlefield! What’s not to love?


That’s it for this week. We have one question, though. Why are you still reading this? Head over to and grab these awesome new releases now!

* An Immolator can still carry six models, which is more than respectable – especially if the models in question are heavy-flamer-toting Retributors for added burnination!
** Check out last week’s kit focus for more on this dual-unit set.
*** You can learn more about this fantastic kit in our interview with its designer, Ray Dranfield, earlier this week.

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