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Unless you’ve been trapped on a Space Hulk these past few weeks, you’ll no doubt be aware that TODAY IS WARHAMMER DAY! Huzzah! To celebrate, there are loads of events taking place in stores across the world. But this year’s Warhammer Day is extra special for all you Deathwatch and Space Wolves players out there, because you’ll be able to pre-order your shiny new supplements for Codex: Space Marines. Good times! But they’re just the start – let’s check out all of the goodies you’ll be able to pre-order today in a bit more detail.

Warhammer Day!

Today is indeed Warhammer Day, so if you’re able (lockdown restrictions permitting, of course), head down to your local store and join in the celebrations! While you’re there, you can pick up our special Warhammer Day miniature, Terminator Chaplain Tarentus. If your store has run out of stock, don’t worry – you’ll be able to order this glorious spiritual leader of the Space Marines on a Made to Order basis until Sunday the 8th of November.

ChapTarentus Oct19 ChaplainTarentus84h3

That’s not all – for THIS WEEKEND ONLY, you can also order a limited edition Warhammer Day t-shirt from our merch store to commemorate the occasion!

GWPreorders Oct31 Tee913k3

Art Bundles

Next up, we’ve created two special bundles – one for Deathwatch fans and one for Space Wolves enthusiasts – that will provide you with all of this week’s new releases for your favoured faction, and more beside, with a single click – we don’t want to tire out your bolter’s trigger finger, after all. Not only that, but we’ll also include a framed art print signed by the illustrator too!

GWPreorders Oct31 ArtPrints83j2

How cool is that? We’ll tell you… it’s helfrost cool


On that note, let’s check out exactly which new releases will feature in the bundles, starting with the boys in black.

Codex Supplement: Deathwatch

The key to joining the Long Vigil, the Deathwatch codex supplement arms you with everything you need to purge the alien with the galaxy’s foremost xenos hunters. With nine bespoke datasheets, a brand-new psychic discipline, bespoke Warlord Traits, Relics, Crusade rules, and more – not to mention the ability to form your own combined Kill Team units – it’s the essential guide for all Deathwatch players. The codex supplement is available as a standard hardback or as a lavish collector’s edition.


Deathwatch Dice and Datacards

The Deathwatch dice set is designed for those who have taken up the Long Vigil and includes 20 black dice with silver pips, marked with the Chapter icon of the Deathwatch in place of a 6. As well as rolling in style, you can also pick up the Deathwatch datacard set, which includes all of your Stratagems and new Xenopurge psychic powers on handy reference cards.


Combat Patrol: Deathwatch

Simply put, it’s a Deathwatch army in a box – Battle-forged and good to go! Whether you’re looking to start a new collection with an army fit for Combat Patrol-sized games or to reinforce an existing Deathwatch force, this is the perfect set!

SundayPreview Oct25 CIT Content5k

From black to blue-grey, let’s see what’s available today for the glory-hungry sons of Russ.

Codex Supplement: Space Wolves

Unleash the caged fury of the sons of Russ with this Fenrisian codex supplement, full to the brim with the game’s most heroic background, rules, and Characters! You can look forward to 29 datasheets of exclusive Space Wolves units, thematic Crusade rules, and loads of other faction-specific content. Available in standard hardback or artificer collector’s edition, it’s the go-to book for all fans of the Space Wolves!


Space Wolves Dice and Datacards

The Rune Priests may cast the bones to determine their wyrd, but we find dice rather easier to interpret! With that in mind, our dice smiths made this custom set of 20 Space Wolves dice, with pips set within a shield design and 6s marked with the wolf’s head of Ragnar’s Great Company, the Blackmanes. You can also grab a set of datacards for referencing your Stratagems and psychic powers during your games. The Space Wolves may have an oral tradition of remembering their past, but when it comes to rules, we find having cards detailing all the relevant information far easier to manage!


Combat Patrol: Space Wolves

As with the Deathwatch equivalent, this Combat Patrol in a box sets you up with a Battle-forged Patrol Detachment with a Power Level of approximately 25 – exactly what you’ll need to get started the moment they’re assembled! Whether you’re beginning a new (or allied) force of Space Wolves or are bulking out an existing Greatpack, it’s a fantastic set that offers loads of useful units in one go.

SundayPreview Oct25 CIT Content10g

Hounds of Morkai

When the Space Wolves are faced with a foe whose psykers pose them a significant threat (we’re looking at you, Thousand Sons!), they unleash the Hounds of Morkai. Specialist Reivers clad in the midnight armour of the Cult of Morkai, the Hounds are shielded against the wyrd with protective charms and rune-etched totems. They’re also highly skilled and relentless in their task of hunting psykers down with bolter and blade. This set includes five Reivers and a Space Wolves Primaris Upgrade frame with which to bedeck them in the iconography and tribal panoply of the Chapter.

SundayPreview Oct25 CIT Content14z

Ragnar Blackmane

The youngest warrior in the history of the Space Wolves to be elected as Wolf Lord, Ragnar Blackmane is among the Chapter’s most lethal fighters. Having crossed the Rubicon Primaris after his epic duel with Ghazghkull Thraka, the Young King is now more powerful than ever. What’s more, he’s available to pre-order separately for the first time, so if you wish to wield the murderous killing power of the Allslayer himself, secure your model today!

SundayPreview Oct25 CIT Content11x

Speaking of Ragnar’s greenskin nemesis, Ghazghkull Thraka (complete with his almost-as-legendary-but-not-quite sidekick, Makari) is also available to pre-order today. If you like your Warboss as big as a Deff Dread and nigh unstoppable, then Ghazghkull ‘The Beast’ Thraka is the one you need to lead your Waaagh!, as countless Imperial planets can attest!

SundayPreview Oct25 CIT Content12s


Whether you collect Space Wolves, the Deathwatch, or any other First Founding or successor Chapter for that matter, the Outriders kit rounds out our trio of units available separately for the first time. Combining speed and durability with the ability to dish out a brutal number of Attacks, Outriders are an excellent choice for picking off isolated enemies or sweeping objectives clear of foes.

SundayPreview Oct25 CIT Content15r

Citadel Colour: Painting Handle

Avoid handling your miniatures as you paint with this newly designed painting handle! With a more streamlined and ergonomic design, it’s the best painting handle we’ve made yet. It can comfortably grip bases of 25mm-40mm in size, meaning that you won’t need to hold the miniature directly, leaving it smudge- and wear-free while you paint.

SundayPreview Oct25 CIT Content16a

More T-shirts!

To coincide with the launch of the codex expansions for the Deathwatch and Space Wolves, the merch store is introducing a new t-shirt for each of these factions, so you can literally wear your allegiance on your sleeve!

GWPreorders Oct31 Tee1i2mid
GWPreorders Oct31 Tee28js3

You can pre-order all of these items RIGHT NOW, so get clicking and you’ll be unpacking your latest goodies in next to no time!

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