Pre-order Today: Ogors, Ossiarchs, Knights and More!

Prepare yourself – today sees a vast range of new models, rules and more go on pre-order! Wondering what’s on offer? Allow us to show you…

Feast of Bones

Feast of Bones is a veritable buffet of incredible models, thrilling lore and even a generous sprinkling of new rules. Inside, you’ll find two armies, the story of just how they came to battle, and rules for playing them – making it ideal for splitting with a friend or starting a new force.

For Ossiarch Bonereapers fans, this set allows you to get yourself some Necropolis Stalkers and Mortek Guard before their general release, as well as letting you grab Vokmortian, master of the Bone-tithe, a character only available (for now) in this set.

For fans of ogors, this is your first chance to get the stunning new Tyrant, alongside a host of Gutbusters to kick off your collection.

The Ossiarch Bonereapers

Feast of Bones is just the beginning – if you’re looking to join the Ossiarch legions, then you’ll want to secure yourself a copy of Battletome: Ossiarch Bonereapers. This is your complete guide to the lore and rules of this all-new army, offering insights into Nagash’s Grand Plan and one of Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s most innovative and unusual rulesets yet.

On the tabletop, you’ll find the Ossiarch Bonereapers tactical, reactive and flexible, with game mechanics that let you adjust your strategy on the fly with a vast host of command abilities. The battletome is available to pre-order in standard, digital and limited editions.

To muster your legions with tactical nous worthy of Katakros, you’ll want to grab some warscroll cards – an invaluable quick-reference resource that lets you check your units’ rules at a glance, including token sheets for tracking ongoing effects.

No Ossiarch Bonereapers army is complete without the Bone-tithe Nexus! This colossal edifice isn’t just for intimidation value. Available at no matched play points cost to your army, it’ll cripple your enemies with all manner of magical punishments.

A set of Ossiarch Bonereapers Endless Spells, meanwhile, let you unleash new summoned sorceries upon your enemies.

Finally, if you’re looking to roll the bones in style, then the Ossiarch Bonereapers dice are for you! Inscribed with the symbols of the Ossiarch Legions, they’re the ideal way to show your undying allegiance to Nagash, Katakros, and cool dice.

Ogor Mawtribes

Ogors are back on the menu – and the Mortal Realms will never be the same. In Ogor Mawtribes, the Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raiders are combined into one deadly new army, allowing you to crush, smash and devour your enemies with rampaging ogors, icy beasts and screeching Gnoblars. The battletome is available to pre-order in standard, digital and limited editions.

From just what ogors eat (everything) to what their plans are in the Mortal Realms, this is your essential guide to these ravenous destroyers, with rules, lore and more. A set of warscroll cards, meanwhile, make checking your ogors’ rules and ongoing effects mid-battle easy.

Every Ogor Mawtribes player will want to grab themselves a Great Mawpot – a hefty scenery piece that offers a delicious range of benefits to your army.

Would normal dice do for an ogor army? We think not – which is why we’ve made this super-sized set for your collection. As well as featuring symbols and markings distinctive to the Mawtribes, they’re larger than normal dice, meaning when you roll them, your opponent will know you mean business.

For Middle-earth fans, we’ve got a suite of new profile card sets, designed to make checking back on your rules, army abilities and Heroic actions mid-game simple. These sets cover the Elves and Dwarves, Free Peoples, and Isengard and Moria respectively.

Each set contains profiles for a number of factions, plus trackers for Might, Will and Fate. They’re a must-have for any Middle-earth general looking to get their rules at a glance.

Whichever set you’re getting, make sure to pick up some sleeves! As well as keeping your cards safe from wear and tear, you can write on them with a dry-erase marker to make notes on the fly.

We’re also re-introducing a significant number of Middle-earth models back into the range. Check out the webstore for the full list – you may well find some classics you’ve been searching for…


Adeptus Titanicus Knights may be small, but they can deploy some huge firepower on the battlefield – and they’re about to get even more.

The new Questoris Knights upgrade kit lets you enhance your Knights with stormspear rocket pods, meltaguns and thunderstrike gauntlets, not to mention a host of optional heads. You’ll be able to get your upgrades separately, or as part of a new bundle set which includes an upgrade sprue and a sprue of 3 Questoris Knights. 

For fans of larger war-machines, we’ve got some new transfer sheets for you to get stuck into, packed with iconography and symbols for the Legio Tempestus and Legio Atarus, plus their Knightly allies. 

For Aeronautica Imperialis, Ork Air Waaagh! players are in for a treat with the Eavy Bommer – a massive aircraft capable of blasting anyone who dares approach it out of the sky!

Available in a plastic set that builds two of these lumbering leviathans, the Eavy Bommer is one of the most dangerous aircraft in the game. You’ll be able to customise yours with a variety of interchangeable nose cones, wings and more, allowing you to field entire squadrons of the blighters while ensuring they all look distinct.

Pre-order everything here online, and check out your local store next weekend when it goes on sale.

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