Pre-order Today: Underhive Blades and Tiny Blood Bowl Terrors

Today, fans of Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Aeronautica Imperialis, and the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game all have loads to pre-order. Let’s get started with a journey into the underhive…

The House of Blades are set to unleash their full fury with a brand-new expansion for House Escher, as well as new models to add to your gangs. The book – cunningly titled House of Blades – is your definitive guide to all things Escher. It includes a detailed history of the House, a guide to their actions in the underhive, and all the rules you need to recruit a gang of fierce warrior-women, including Dramatis Personae, and use them in your games.

The book also includes rules for every gang, including new Hired Guns, Brutes, and Hangers-on (as well as some that are Escher-exclusive). You can also form dangerous alliances and make use of new gang tactics to change up the way you play. Get to grips with the House of Blades by pre-ordering the hardback and ePub editions now.

Whether you have an existing Escher gang or want to start one afresh, you’ll also want to pick up a set of Death-maidens and Wyld Runners to add to your roster.

Wyld Runners are reckless young warriors seeking to prove themselves to their gang sisters. Armed with exotic weapons like wyld bows, they’ll go to any lengths to show their worth. Death-maidens are something quite different – resurrected Escher Champions who seek vengeance against all the enemies of the House of Blades. They’re joined in the box by four Phelynx – vicious beasts that hunt alongside Wyld Runners. Pre-order a set now to add more flexibility and power to your Escher gang.

If you go in more for brute strength, you’ll love the Slave Ogryn gang – freed industrial slaves who’ve armed themselves with the tools of their former trade, such as augmetic fists* and storm welders. Grab the box (and a copy of House of Chains for the rules) and form an entire gang of these outcasts to lay low your oppressors. Alternatively, add the might of an Ogryn or two to another gang with the Jotunn H-grade Servitor Ogryns set, which contains everything you need to build two of these formidable fighters.

Whether you build an Escher or Slave Ogryn gang, you’ll want the cards and dice to go with them. The Escher Gang Tactics Cards and Slave Ogryn Gang Tactics Cards each contain 18 Tactics cards that allow you to use the strategies of your chosen gang, along with eight blank fighter cards which allow you to track your gang members in battle. 

Another pair of card packs are perfect for all Necromunda players. The Zone Mortalis Gang Tactics Cards set contains 24 cards – including one for each existing gang – which allow you to use the surroundings of the underhive itself to outwit and destroy your foes. The Open Hive War Card Pack gives you a new way to generate endless missions for your games. Choose a combination of Deployment cards, Objective cards, Loot cards, and Peril cards, and never play the same game twice!

The House of Blades and House of Chains dice sets each contain all the different dice you need for your Necromunda games. They feature the appropriate faction symbols – Escher and Goliath – in place of the 6s, allowing you to theme your dice to your gang. 

No matter your gang allegiance, you’re sure to find something among these releases that will expand your enjoyment of your Necromunda games.

A new team is taking to the gridiron, and it’s sure to strike fear into the hearts of coaches everywhere… once they’ve finished laughing. The Snotlings are here!

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