Pre-order Today: Warriors of the Mountain, White Dwarf, and Action Figures

This weekend brings a wealth of Lumineth models for you to recruit, new action figures from Bandai AND another excellent issue of White Dwarf! Here’s what you can secure for yourself on pre-order right now…

Avalenor, the Stoneheart King

Avalenor, the Stoneheart King adds some much-needed monstrous might to your Lumineth collection. Utterly indomitable in defence, assisting nearby Heroes, bolstering other Alarith units or just smashing stuff with hammers – this massive model is both a tactical lynchpin and a gorgeous project to paint and build.

Avalenor’s kit also builds the Alarith Spirit of the Mountain – an almost equally mighty monster. There are two optional poses – because who could resist owning more than one of these incredible miniatures?

Alarith Stoneguard

Alarith Stoneguard are the combination you never knew you needed – aelves with hammers! These stunning models are rewarding (and customisable) to build and paint while also being excellent front-line infantry in a Lumineth Realm-lords army. There’s even a choice of hammers in the set! 

Alarith Stonemage

Whatever Alarith models you’re getting, make sure to grab a Stonemage alongside them. This invaluable support caster makes nearby Alarith units stronger and boasts a nifty spell that’s perfect for messing with enemy units that can fly.

Vanari Dawnriders

Dawnriders are perhaps Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s ultimate horde-slayers, boasting a warscroll that’ll make short work of Clanrats, Crypt Ghouls, Skeleton Warriors, and more! You can customise your models with interchangeable shields and helmets, and they’re a must-have in any Lumineth list.

White Dwarf 456

The latest issue of White Dwarf is, as ever, packed with content for every kind of Warhammer fan. Find new rules for Cities of Sigmar warbands in Warcry, get Chapter Tactics and Stratagems for the Silver Templars, read an exclusive Warhammer Crime short story by Chris Wraight – it’s all in there!

Bandai Space Marines Action Figures

Your display shelves are about to get new guardians, in the form of a pair of Space Marine Intercessor action figures from Bandai. One is a battle-brother of the Salamanders, with a suitably ornate bolt rifle, and the other hails from the Imperial Fists, complete with an auto bolt rifle and auxiliary grenade launcher. Both stand 8” tall, have over 50 points of articulation, making them infinitely poseable, and are available to pre-order now for just one week. Find out more here and order yours now.

Pre-order your models and White Dwarf online, or secure them from your local store next weekend when they hit shelves. The Bandai action figures are only available to order online, so don’t miss out!

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