Pre-orders – New Necrons and Space Marines

Hot on the heels of the new editions of Codex: Space Marines and Codex: Necrons, we have a range of reinforcements inbound for both armies. We’re taking a look at all of this week’s Warhammer 40,000 pre-orders, which will let you dominate the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.

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It’s tricky trying to reclaim the galaxy after spending millions of years asleep, but it gets an awful lot easier for a Necrons dynasty if you can call on the power of a star god. Not only is the C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon an absolutely stunning model – it’s brutal in battle too.

Just in case unleashing the power of a bound god isn’t enough, you can also add the Ophydian Destroyers to your force. These burrowing monstrosities can pop up and slice your enemies to pieces before they even realise what’s hit them.

Older Necrons fans might notice similarities between the segmented bodies of the Ophydian Destroyers and the original Necron Wraiths models. Speaking of classic kits, another is being given an update in the form of the Monolith. This incredible new version of the model is even bigger than the original, and it still packs an incredible punch in the form of its particle whip and gauss flux arcs (or optional death rays).*

Finally, there’s a new piece of Necrons terrain – the Convergence of Dominion. Made up of three Starsteles, each containing a transdimensional abductor, it’s as deadly as it is impressive. If you have a Cryptek in your army, you can even translocate your Starsteles. The Convergence of Dominion would also help make an incredible board for your Armies on Parade entry this year!

For those seeking to stop the Necrons in their attempts at galactic domination, new Space Marines are available too, starting with the Primaris Techmarine. He’s ideal for patching up your Chapter’s vehicles, keeping them in the fight for longer.

Even if you don’t field a veritable motor pool of vehicles, the Primaris Techmarine makes an excellent HQ choice for any Space Marines army – he’s armed with some great ranged weapons and can cut his way through the enemy with his Omnissian power axe. 

If you’re looking for a new vehicle for him to fix, there’s the Hammerfall Bunker. Deployed before the battle, it will devastate any enemies that go near it thanks to its heavy flamer or heavy bolter array. Meanwhile, anyone who tries to keep their distance will get fire rained down on them courtesy of its Hammerfall missile launcher.

All these goodies are available to pre-order now from the Games Workshop webstore. If you prefer to grab all of the new kits from the shelf yourself, they’ll be available in your nearest Warhammer store from next Saturday. 

* Unfortunately, due to some warp rift issues, the release of the Monolith is delayed in Australia and New Zealand. It will be on pre-order from the 28th of November – we promise that this awesome kit is worth the extra wait.

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