Preview: The Mephrit Dynasty and Destroyers

The new Codex: Necrons broadens the tactical options available to Necrons players while capitalising on the existing strengths of the army. While the Necrons are notoriously durable thanks to excellent saves, Toughness and, of course, Reanimation Protocols, they’re also superb on the offensive thanks to the high AP characteristic of gauss weaponry.

One Necron dynasty, however, is particularly lethal against armoured foes: Mephrit.

Solar Fury makes the Necron army absolutely devastating to face at short range. From helping your heavier weapons to tear through even the very best armour saves to allowing your tesla weapons to shred massed infantry at close range, this is quite possibly the most potent offensive Dynastic Code available to the Necrons.

While there are few units in your army that won’t benefit from this Dynastic Code, we can think of one choice that’ll find it particularly useful…

Destroyers are perhaps the most sinister of the Necrons, infused with an insatiable urge to erase all sentient life, and bereft of any emotion save a cold, simmering fury. Destroyers have been significantly improved in Codex: Necrons, their gauss cannons gifted an additional shot and an extra point of Strength, not to mention having their points slashed!

At short range, Mephrit Destroyers will go through even Terminators with ease – but that’s not all. Destroyers from any dynasty can now utilise one of the most brutally effective Stratagems in the game:

What if your enemy is hiding in cover? That’s easily dealt with too:

In short, Mephrit Dynasty Necrons are ideal for when you really, truly need an enemy to die – but you’ll need someone to lead them…

Yesterday, we looked into how Necron characters can be built to support the rest of your army, but thanks to the new codex, you’ll also be able to create some pretty deadly hero-hunters. A Mephrit Destroyer Lord with a warscythe is a brutal option, cutting through enemy armour and punishing anyone who tries to charge your lines.

Equip yours with the Voidreaper and there’s little that’ll be able to stand in your way – and what’s more, you’ll be able to tackle foes reliant on their invulnerable saves by utilising Entropic Strike.

Another sneaky combo you could try is combining the Mephrit Warlord Trait, Merciless Tyrant, with their artefact, the Voltaic Staff. In the hands of your chosen Character, this will allow you to strip out enemy support units with terrifying ease.

The Mephrit are a brutal close assault force that’ll tear through elite armies with ease – but they’re not the only Necron dynasty that specialises in short-range warfare. Tomorrow, we’ll be looking at the bloodthirsty Novokh Dynasty, and their surprising skill in close combat…

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