Preview: The Nephrekh Dynasty, C’tan Shards and Doom Scythes

The Necrons are the undisputed masters of science – while the warp continues to elude their grasp, the level of their technology borders on magical. The Nephrekh Dynasty take this to a new level, augmenting their bodies with metagold and phasing through solid matter with their Translocation Beams:

There are all sorts of units that excel in a Nephrekh army – and while we’d recommend Immortals with tesla carbines in particular, broadly speaking, any model carrying an Assault weapon is a strong candidate.

Indeed, for a change, we’ll be using this preview to check out a couple of units that have a place in ANY Necrons army, not just the Nephrekh Dynasty – these guys are just too awesome not to mention…

While C’tan Shards can never benefit from Dynastic Codes, we couldn’t resist spotlighting them in this preview. These enslaved star gods add some significant – if highly unpredictable – punch to any Necrons army, thanks to an extended suite of powers of the C’tan. One of our favourites is Cosmic Fire, a brutal ability that punishes armies that use multiple small units:

Similarly, Sky of Falling Stars allows you to reliably inflict wounds on units with more than five models – imagine the deluge of mortal wounds you’d be able to inflict by combining the two…

You’ll be able to cast these powers with your classic C’tan – the Nightbringer and the Deceiver – or you could harness the powers of the Transcendent C’tan. To represent the fractured, unstable personalities of a Transcendent Shard, you can now pick one of the following traits (or roll for two!) before your game starts.

Each C’tan in your army will feel chaotic, terrifying, powerful and unique – exactly as they should be!

The Flyer slot is a competitive one when building a Warhammer 40,000 army list, and particularly in a Necrons army, where usually you’ll be picking between offensively oriented Doom Scythes and the invaluable transportative powers of the Night Scythe.

While Doom Scythes might not directly benefit from Translocation Beams, they’re still a valuable pick in the Nephrekh army. Why? Because transport duty can be taken by the Translocation Crypt Stratagem.

You’ll want to use large units of Necron Warriors to fence in your foes early in the game before releasing a deadly combined assault from your Doom Scythes with Amalgamated Targeting Data.

Usually, moving Doom Scythes have to worry about accuracy when firing their death rays, but with this Stratagem, tougher enemies will be reliably destroyed while your opponent will be forced to space their units as widely as possible to avoid obliteration.

You’ll be able to harness these new abilities very soon now – Codex: Necrons is available to pre-order tomorrow. If you really, really can’t wait to get started, we’d recommend picking up a Tesseract Vault – the perfect centrepiece for an existing collection or a pretty great way to kick off a new one!

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