Preview: The Novokh Dynasty, Flayed Ones and Canoptek Wraiths

One of the most exciting things about the latest batch of codexes is the new types of army builds they’ve made available to Warhammer 40,000 players. Codex: Necrons is no exception – so far, we’ve looked at the unusually mobile armies of the Sautekh Dynasty and the short-ranged carnage wrought by the Mephrit Dynasty. More than the others, however, there is one Dynastic Code that reinvents how your army works.

Traditionally, Necrons are well known for being a shooting army, with a couple of deadly close-combat units to deal with anyone that reaches your lines and to hold down particularly dangerous enemies. The Novokh Dynasty turns this archetype on its head with Awakened by Murder:

With this Dynastic Code, your close-combat units will be able to go toe to toe with whatever the enemy can array against them, while defensively, any enemy wishing to charge your shooting units will have to risk taking more casualties than they can afford in return.

There are several units that are particularly effective with this Dynastic Code, but our favourite has to be Flayed Ones.

Having received a marked points cut in the new codex, Flayed Ones are a great option for a melee-oriented Necrons army. Matching the impressive durability of their brethren, Flayed Ones can tackle even the toughest enemies thanks to their re-rolls to wound, while the re-rolls to hit provided by the Novokh Dynastic Code are icing on the cake. We’d recommend going all-out and taking a unit of 20, then activating the Disruption Fields Stratagem for the best results.

Enemies still alive? Give it another go with Blood Rites.

Against more heavily armoured opponents, you’ll need to pack some specialist weapons. Thankfully, a certain Canoptek unit has received some significant enhancements…

In Codex: Necrons, Canoptek Wraiths have been granted additional Damage and AP on their close combat attacks, making them superb hunters of heavy infantry. By using yours with Awakened by Murder, you’ll be able to ensure your attacks land and deal maximum damage when you charge.

Defensively, Canoptek Wraiths are even more difficult to get rid of. As if 3 Wounds, a 3+ invulnerable save and Toughness 5 wasn’t already durable enough, you’ll be able to bring units back from the brink of destruction with Repair Subroutines:

Make sure to keep a Cryptek nearby to ensure the best results!

Novokh Dynasty armies are ideal for Necrons players who want to take the fight directly to their enemy – or just fancy some insurance against getting charged.

We’ve looked at all sorts of unconventional Necron dynasties so far in our preview, but if you’re looking to field a more classic force, worry not – the Nihilakh Dynasty is ideal. Come back tomorrow when we’ll be checking them out.

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