Preview: The Sautekh Dynasty, Tomb Blades and the Catacomb Command Barge

Codex: Necrons is designed to give you unprecedented choice and flexibility when constructing your army. Like previous codexes, you’ll be able to customise your army by dedicating them to a well-known sub-faction – in this case, a dynasty. Each dynasty has a corresponding Dynastic Code – a set of rules that’ll allow for a huge range of potential armies. This week, we’ll be previewing each Dynastic Code, as well as taking a look at some of the most improved units in the new codex. You may remember the Sautekh Dynastic Code, Relentless Advance, from last week’s sneak peek.

Sautekh Dynasty Necrons have something that the army has traditionally lacked – mobility! By allowing your units to Advance and shoot, your opponents will find it much more difficult to stay out of range of your deadliest weapons, allowing you to take ground with your Necron Warriors and Immortals while maintaining a steady hail of fire.

Equipped with a variety of Assault or Rapid Fire Weapons, Tomb Blades are particularly good candidates for Relentless Advance, adding D6″ to their already impressive movement of 14″. Where Tomb Blades really shine, however, is their new Evasion Engrams rule:

With Toughness 5, 2 Wounds and a respectable 4+ Save, Tomb Blades are already pretty durable, and this makes them even harder to put down. And the best bit? They’ve gone down in points, too. Of course, to fully capitalise on Tomb Blades, you’ll want to keep a Character carrying a resurrection orb nearby to help bring the squad back up to strength should your enemy manage to break through… and we can think of the perfect candidate.

Codex: Necrons contains a host of rules for customising your Characters and constructing your ideal nemesor. With a vast host of Artefacts of the Aeons and Warlord Traits to choose from, your Overlord could be anything from a backline commander to a brutal offensive unit in his own right. Sautekh Warlords are great if you’re looking to make maximum use of the new Stratagems in the book thanks to Hyperlogical Strategist.

But which Warlord to pick? Our eyes are on the Catacomb Command Barge – it’s durable, it’s incredibly well armed and you’ll be able to lay down a considerable hail of fire on the move with your gauss cannon and staff of light thanks to the Sautekh Dynastic Code.

Your opponent will, naturally, want to take down your Warlord as quickly as possible, but even death is not the end for the Necron characters! For a mere command point, you’ll have a chance to escape death and heal up with Living Metal.

Finally, you’ll want to ensure you keep a Cryptek with a Canoptek cloak nearby for the best possible results, providing bonuses to your Reanimation Protocols and helping your Catacomb Command Barge regenerate wounds.

In short, Sautekh armies are flexible, surprisingly mobile and well-placed to take advantage of the host of new rules in Codex: Necrons. They’re far from the only dynasty in the book, however. Come back tomorrow, when we’ll be taking a closer look at the merciless Mephrit Dynasty, and some changes to Destroyers that’ll make them even deadlier…

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