Psychic Robots!

Our Forge World preview this week is some heavy-hitting units for the Thousand Sons.

A Legion unlike any other, the Thousand Sons are a force of sorcerer-scholars, and with that warp-borne power, they gain access to a couple of unique variations on the standard walker support.

Osirion Dreadnoughts are venerable brothers entombed in Contemptor Dreadnought chassis, that not only have access to powerful psychic powers, but come with a massive Force weapon to lay low the greatest foes in the galaxy.

They also have access to psychically powered automata, provided by specified forge worlds and customised to supplement the unique way of war of the XV Legion.

Both of these constructs will be available to order soon from .

In the meantime, the best place to start a Thousand Sons army is the Burning of Prospero box, along with a few Forge World upgrade parts.

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