Regiment Focus: Mordian

Mordian armies are famed for their supreme discipline, forming unbreakable defensive ranks that can repel even the most dedicated assault. On the tabletop, Mordian armies now play true to their background, capable of waging warfare defensively while making deadly scalpel strikes against characters with a potent new order.

The Regimental Doctrine

Parade Drill adds some much-needed insurance to your units against getting charged, rewarding you for careful positioning of your army. From humble Conscripts to even the Baneblade, there are few units that don’t benefit from this rule.

Best Units

A squadron of Mordian Leman Russ Punishers is going to be a very scary prospect for any would-be unit of tank hunters to charge – particularly when throwing in the Defensive Gunners stratagem – making them a superb screening unit for your squishier infantry. Leman Russes in every regiment have also seen a small points discount and a fantastic new ability designed to do due reverence to the 41st Millennium’s most iconic battle tank. 

Grinding Advance now allows any Leman Russ moving at under half its allotted Move value to fire its primary weapon TWICE, while still allowing the unit to fire Heavy weapons without penalty on the move. Armoured regiments – in the Mordians and beyond – are going to be very dangerous indeed in the new codex.

Veterans are a key component in any Astra Militarum list, thanks to a versatile range of equipment and a great Ballistic Skill. In a Mordian list, plasma gun veterans are going to be essential thanks to their unique order, Form Firing Squad!

Being able to pick off key supporting characters and shutting down aura abilities is going to be game-changing for Warhammer 40,000, and will be superb against lists that rely on their characters to survive.

Mordian armies are perfect if you want to punish assault armies, or if you’re just sick of powerful enemy characters. Tomorrow, we’ll be looking at the Vostroyans, an army designed to defeat your enemies by outranging them – find out more tomorrow!

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