Regiment Focus: Vostroya

Vostroyan armies are well known for their ornate appearance, both in the background and on the tabletop! Armed with ornate weapons and wargear that hearken back to ancient eras of warfare, the Vostroyans are obsessed with duty and lineage.

Indeed, every Vostroyan goes to war armed with priceless heirlooms, built and maintained to a much higher standard than that of the rest of the Astra Militarum. On the tabletop, this is represented by Heirloom Weapons:

The Regimental Doctrine

Heirloom Weapons is one of the simplest of the Regimental Doctrines, providing a flat bonus to your entire army. At the most basic level, having 30″ of range on your lasguns allows you to keep your guardsmen a little further away from the enemy, while shorter ranged Heavy weapons will be able to reach targets across the tabletop.

Best Units

Heavy Weapons Squads are already very handy in an Astra Militarum army – throw in Heirloom Weapons and they’ll be even better. Few enemies are going to be able to escape a 54″ lascannon, while if you get charged, the Vostroyan order, Repel the Enemy, is potentially punishing.

Scout Sentinels are a great choice for a Vostroyan army, thanks to their huge threat range. All the sentinel’s weapons (barring the heavy flamer) benefit from Heirloom Weapons, while the Scout Sentinel’s Scout Vehicle ability gives it a free 9″ move before the game begins – that’s effectively an extra 15″ worth of range.

Combine this with the Go! Recon! Stratagem and there are few places on the table your enemy can hide.

If you want to outrange your opponents (or just need an excuse to pick up some beautiful models), start playing Vostroyans! Don’t miss tomorrow’s preview, where we’ll be looking at the Valhallans, the highly anticipated changes to conscripts, and the return of a classic and much-loved rule…

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