Regimental Focus: Armageddon

Armageddon is one of the most famous worlds in the entire Imperium, having been the final battleground of a series of enormous wars. In the aftermath of the Third War for Armageddon, the planet is plagued by invasions from Ork and Daemon alike, the entire planet a training ground for the regiments of Astra Militarum that call it home.

Armageddon armies have long been known for their armoured regiments, but recent events in the Warhammer 40,000 universe have changed the character of the Steel Legion. Constant warfare with Orks has resulted in some regiments being dedicated wholly to Ork hunting, making them deadly combatants at close range – check out this particularly fierce looking Ork Hunter from the codex!

On the tabletop, Armageddon armies have a series of abilities designed to privilege fast-moving, mechanised warfare.

The Regimental Doctrine

Industrial Efficiency allows your Guardsmen to lay down a withering hail of fire at midrange – an Infantry Squad with lasguns and the First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire! Order will be putting out 36 shots at 18” and closer! This is great for units deployed from Chimeras, with the second part of the doctrine helping your light vehicles resist being destroyed by popular weapons like autocannons and heavy bolters.

Best Units

Both the Chimera and the Taurox are perfect for getting your infantry into rapid fire range as quickly as possible. Armageddon armies can also deliver a deadly one-two punch by combining their unique order and stratagem:

Using these rules in tandem, you’ll be able to do maximum damage when disembarking, then re-embark and redeploy without losing a turn of shooting. Armageddon mechanised infantry are going to be very, very hard to pin down in the new codex.

The Company Commander may not, on the surface, seem like the most imposing of characters, but the new Astra Militarum codex is packed with Heirlooms of Conquest designed to let you turn your HQ choices into powerful tactical assets. The Dagger of Tu’Sakh suits Armageddon armies, allowing you to bring in a unit of Veterans on a particularly vulnerable enemy flank:

Meanwhile, Kurov’s Aquila is a great way to pick up some bonus Command Points and take advantage of all the awesome new Stratagems in the codex:

Finally, the Blade of Conquest can turn a Company Commander into a surprisingly threatening close combat character. An Armageddon Company Commander using the Ex-Gang Leader warlord trait can handily dispatch even a Chaos Lord with some lucky rolls!

Worried about your Company Commander not being durable enough? There’s a brand new unit in the codex designed to protect your heroes. The Ogryn Bodyguard can be built from the Ogryn plastic kit, and essentially acts as a customisable Nork Deddog with an ability that allows him to intercept wounds meant for your commanders.

Itching to try these rules for yourself? You don’t have long to wait now – pre order your Astra Militarum codex tomorrow.

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